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    Lack of precision in behaviour leads to family disintegration

    Nowadays, most of the people are self -centered. They have no connection with others. They want self development only at any cost. Often times, they harm others to fulfil self desire for which they start politics in relationship. They speak lie and do wrong work also. As a result, joint family are disintegrating day by day. Even in a nuclear family, husband and wife don't share matter with precision. As a result, their behaviour are formal and sometimes leads to separation. Today, every relationship are weakening. Our society are moving towards westernization where relationship doesn't matter. Precision in behaviour has gone from society. Now, our society has reached on that stage where man has become value less.

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    That is true. Human relations are coming down day by day. Money is family a very important role in the relationship. Everybody wants to be independent and nobody wants any difficulty to face. They are ready to sacrifice the relationship to fulfil their desires. Oldage homes are increasing and combined families are getting split into nuclear families.
    Values are not important. Comforts and happiness are more important than anything else. The individual has to think about what is the correct behaviour. As long as that self-realisation is not there things will continue to be like this only.

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    As the time progresses, we could see a lot of changes in the human behaviour. This was not the case with the people whom I witnessed in my past and at least they were affectionate and close to children always. At times, we enjoyed sweets and snacks items which they sent to our homes and even they, too, appreciated such exchanges. That trend is hardly being seen at this moment. People maintain some sort of distance in their dealings. This trend is general in nature and none can be blamed for this. The only thing we can do is to see that we have maintained decency in our behaviour and at least no harsh words are there from our side.

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