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    Precision is way above an approximate level

    Every action has an amount of effort. Weighing the amount in percentage can be like a hundred per cent or approximately hundred per cent. It firmly depicts that it can be entirely hundred or almost hundred per cent. Thus, precision is accuracy, while approximate means a little more or less of the exact value.

    Although practising precision can be a little troublesome when observed like a maniac, it's of optimum importance in some fields like surgery, handiwork such as art and craft, embroidery, pottery and others. Even footwear sizes, scientific experiments, medicinal doses, and many more such as writing alphabets in any language, has a fixed form which none can ignore. To be precise, correctly writing the alphabet does not make good handwriting. There are very few people who have attractive writing, and it's because they practise precision in writing alphabets. Can anyone wear footwear either of a smaller or bigger size? Impossible! It's because either will make a person uncomfortable during movement. Even medicines will not completely cure a patient unless a patient takes a required dose, while an overdose will fan the complications further. Scientific experiments and surgeries are bound to follow precision because any approximate approach will not yield the desired result. It can be life-threatening for the patients. On the other hand, any handiwork or craft can look attractive and eye-catching only when an artist or artisan applies precision, or else the complete work would look quite defective without proper arrangement and skill.

    Precision sometimes sounds taxing, but for those who practise accuracy in whatever they do, then it becomes their habit. Such precision makes the way of working very impressive and praiseworthy. Those who believe in working with precision, and considering the same as their way of living, obviously then life as a whole excels. Leaving anything and everything at an approximate level can never give a perfect finish to one's work. Perfection comes with precision only, which enhances the quality of any deed or state of living. Therefore, it becomes a benchmark for others. Reaching an approximate level can never give optimum happiness as precision does.

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    Aiming for precision in whatever we do is a very good trait. But it requires a lot of commitment and focused work. Achieving 90% perfection maybe not be very difficult. But from there every 1% requires very high concentration and one may have to devotee more time. But we will feel proud if we could do our work with 100% precision.
    I know a carpenter who works very precisely. A small deviation also he never accepts. If all finish their work in 3 days. this person may take days. But the product that comes from his hand will be an excellent piece and people are ready to pay a little more also for the items he makes.
    Precision in work brings a name also to the individual.

    always confident

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