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    Dreaming of becoming an achiever - lead your life with precision

    Saina Nehwal was just 8 years old when she started playing badminton. Her parents enrolled her at a badminton academy that was 50 km away from their home. The young girl's day would start at 4 am. She would piggyback on her father's scooter and head to the academy every day. Till she became a champion and even beyond, she maintained her strenuous daily routine with the same precision. Sachin Tendulkar, a cricketing legend not only for India, but the entire world followed a similar training routine. The hours he put into his training, day in and day out, were mind-boggling. Of his various training schedules, there is one schedule, the Master Blaster still cherishes a lot. Having practised for hours together at the net, to keep the tired Sachin focused, his coach would place a coin on the stumps. The bowlers would be then challenged to bowl Sachin out. The one who bowls him out would get to keep the coin. If no one succeeds, Sachin will get to keep the coin with himself. Tired and worn out, Sachin would focus to keep his wicket safe. The technique paid off and Sachin thus got to collect 13 such coins, that are still treasured by him. No wonder, he is nicknamed the God of Cricket.

    Why only Saina or Sachin, many ordinary people, who are very particular about what they want to achieve, lead a similar life. For example, toppers in exams like JEE, NEET, UPSC and others manage their time with clockwork precision. Each hour is accounted for and duly allotted to a certain task, so as not to waste even a single moment.

    In popular literature too, we have many such stories. Many of us must have read the popular novel by Jules Verne, 'Around the world in 80 days', where the protagonist Phileas Fogg, lives his life with mathematical precision. He would never be late for anything even by a second. He once fired his valet who got the temperature of his shaving water wrong very narrowly. It was this very quality that he could ultimately circumnavigate the world in just under 80 days.

    So anyone who would like to be an achiever could do justice to their efforts by taking a few leaves out of the lives of Saina, Sachin or the fictional Phileas Fogg.

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    An excellent post from the experienced author! Indeed, leading life with clock-like precision and military discipline can definitely bring success in any field. There are thousands of known and relatively unknown examples to prove this fact.
    However, the author has mentioned Phileas Fogg (author may please correct the name), the famous hero of Jules Verne, who was a strict disciplinarian. He led his life with clock-like precision. But in the famous novel, despite all these qualities, Fogg had almost lost the wager of 20,000 British Pound. He could ultimately win the wager thanks to his French servant, Jean Passepartout, who did not possess the disciplined nature of Fogg. So, I feel this is not a correct example in this context.
    But many thanks to the author for this inspirational post.

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    Thanks a lot Partha. Have corrected the error in the spelling of Phileas Fogg. Yes, you are correct, Mr Fogg and his servant Jean Passepartout had almost lost the race, had it not been due to the sudden realisation by the servant that they had got the date wrong and were in fact well in time by almost 24 hours. The confusion crept in due to the difference in time as we travel east. Since the duo advanced their watch as they travelled east, ultimately there was a difference in 24 hours between what Phileas Fogg assumed the date to be and the actual date in England. Thanks to Jean Passepartout the duo realised the correct date and that they were well in time. They thus got to win the bet in the nick of time.
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    People who always try for precision and perfection in their lives will shine better. The author has given some good examples of this. There are many people who lead their life with perfection. They never deviate from their goal and they focus precisely on their target.
    A good example is Arjuna who said that he is able to see the eye of the bird only and nothing else. He is so precise in his vision and he could achieve the goal. This precision only made him a great warrior I think. To become an achiever one should be precise and concentrate on his goals only.

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