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    Home Food: Innovation at its best

    This food innovation comes from Chennai. One does not know the cost. The name of the brand is not mentioned here. Will try it soon, though.

    A group of catering professionals got together. They have innovated well. They have roped in all housewives who belong to the five different States. My friend mentioned only the vegetarian options. They are simply too good. So, I can order one Tomato Pappu from AP, the Aappam of Kerala, and potato fry from Tamil Nadu along with Bisibelabath of Bangalore. It could be a bit costly but should be worth its money. There are regular food checks and controls over hygiene and raw materials used. Hence, reportedly the standard is so good.

    The housewives get paid based on orders and feedback received as well as tasting of the food prepared by the experts from time to time. The guys who run the company also earn money. Is this not a unique experiment in home food?

    According to reports, the experiment is a big success, as it has too many takers from among bachelors and busy professionals with no time to cook.

    Members who have experienced a similar type of food in their cities may give their experiences, without mentioning names.

    [corrected the sentence "five different States of Tamil Nadu" - Editor]
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    In those days the hotel goers are very less in case of family persons. Only the bachelors living single, people staying in lodges are taking hotel food regularly. In our house every month when my parents going for monthly grocery shopping, took any one of us with them and took to the hotel for a change. This is by rotation in every month. We all of us have never gone to hotel in group anytime. But nowadays people invariably took food in hotels and hesitate to prepare food in house. We as well our relatives search houses of relatives when we or they go to any new place instead of compromising themselves to take food in hotels. As for as we take home food, the health problem was also very less.

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    In the olden days, when there is no concept of hotels, old ladies and widows in rural areas used to offer food for various travellers coming to their villages. There are mentions of such practices in many stories that are told by my grandfather. But the menu is limited and the travellers have to eat whatever is offered. Those days communication systems were poor and no online orders.
    Because of these technological developments, we are able to get food from different states and that is very nice to hear. One month back my son ordered some local cool drinks that are available only in our native place through an online supply company. Similarly, he could order some sweets that are available in some remote villages from Andhra Pradesh. I think slowly this business may pick up.

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    Due to faster communication mode, we are able to connect ourselves to online for getting our preferred meals and snacks from any locations. It has now been possible due to comfortable connectivity which we could not think of in the past. Since we can have our meals or snacks of the different locations on reasonable costs, customers for such food items are on the rise. Even it could reach to us within a couple of hours if ordered from Zomato or any such food platforms. In that way, we have entered into a new phase of order where the connectivity between the sellers and buyers are not problems as witnessed in the past. Unlike the past days, the food preparation activities are taken up by the experienced staff having their excellent proficiency in the art of cooking.

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    The idea of taking in contributors from different states might be an exclusive innovation but 'home food' is something that has been around down further south in Kerala for more than a decade now. While travelling across Kerala, especially on the highways, you will get to see so many signboards indicating 'Veetile Oonu' or home food. They are usually placed in a homely atmosphere and does not have the appearance of a hotel or restaurant. The food is generally cooked and served by ladies and bear resemblance to the food you have at home. They serve in plantain leaves and will have typical Kerala cuisine, veg as well as non-veg. Though it used to be specifically homemade and served with the same care, it has now become a brand name being misused by many.
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    I do not know much about Kerala. The food innovation has happened in Chennai, to the extent that one can order specialized food from the four or five Southern States and also the North Indian gravies. I Am told that some non-veg options are also now available.

    Home delivery makes it superb. Since the novel idea of catering to different tastes is totally new, I would tend to call it an innovation. A couple of days ago, my friend has tried the puttu from Kerala, and the pappu from AP. And he has also asked for the Avial Tamil Nadu style. He was very happy.

    When am next in Chennai, I would positively try it. Saji Sir has given me an update and I will pass it on to someone who visits the State by car. A recent YouTube video talked about a Highway Restaurant near Tiruchur. The video showed a fabulous Onion dosa, almost forty inches wide. It can be eaten by four people. This was first made available at the famous Annapoorna restaurant of Coimbatore, decades ago. People seem to be innovating everywhere.

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