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    How to guide parents and students to study abroad?

    It has been reported in some social media that the various Universities that scream "Study in the UK," or "Study in Canada" and so on, are substandard Universities. They are often here in right to lure the gullible students or parents or both and through some non-value-adding education on foreign soil.

    It is high time the Government of India and the State Governments check on the academic credentials of foreign Universities. It is not wise to put a blanket ban on admissions. This will defeat the purpose and lead to corruption. What needs to be done is to have a big check on the Universities and inform students even when they study in the second year of their undergraduate course, about the value of the different courses and the different Universities.

    For, at the end of the study, if the student does not get placed or learns that the process of education has not led him anywhere, the problem becomes acute. How to handle this situation requires deep thought and action.
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    Apart from the notification by the government, parents and students must not remain crazy to study abroad. Those who are interested and plan to pursue a degree from a foreign university do not have much trouble as they remain well-connected with their peers and mentors to select the university. But those who are crazy to study abroad do not spend much time on the prospects of the course or the universities that offer admission to those courses and fall prey to misleading advertisements. They just want a degree from a 'foreign' university thinking anything from a foreign country is good and has more value. This has to stop.

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    The students who want to go abroad and study there should enquire thoroughly about the university. There are various ways to do that. The students can contact their teachers here and try to understand more about the university. The teachers may not know directly about the university. but they will get the information through their contacts In India in other educational institutions. We can check on the internet to know more about the university by seeing the reviews on the internet. If there is a chance we can talk to the people who studied there. All these exercises will give us a good idea about the standard of the university.
    There are some consultants who guide us. But we should go to a genuine consultant. If we go to the wrong person he may misguide keeping his self-interests in mind. So we should be very careful in selecting a consultant. I know some students who suffered because of such people.

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    While going abroad for studies, the students should take feed backs from the different sources regarding the quality of studies, teaching faculties and the overall reputation of the university for which they have made up their minds for persuasion of their studies. These days it might not be difficult since informations are available in the different platforms and Google Search could even help in locating the right university providing every relevant informations such as fee structure, duration of the course and its ratings in relation to their programmes. The other way could be to extract informations from the seniors of such universities regarding the overall performance of such universities.

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    The author is correct. Just as there are some sub-standard and even some dubious institutions in our country, there are similar institutions and universities i other countries also.
    Just a few days ago there was a videoclip brought out by editor of an online news site which also caters to the NRIs.
    H replayed a voice message by a supposedly dejected parent desperate because his daughter could not get admission in a UK educational institution/University. The parent was seeking help by anyone in this regard to get an extension of last date for remitting fees as he had yet to the loan he applied for the purpose.

    The new site editor gave a very worthwhile and useful video speech explaining all the pitfalls the well intended innocent parents and students face as they go without any home work and background checking in this regard for details. He also relayed a voice message of an established NRI in UK about the standards(or low standards and low credibility) of many such institutions there and the status of students life and the reducing chances of jobs fo candidates probably except from health sector.

    He advised parents and students to pursue education in our own institutions here at a far less cost and expenses

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