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    We should never zoom into other's mistakes

    It is becoming a common matter for us to zoom in on others' mistakes to more and more level. If we skip that matter for a while it will get vanished if it not a real mistake. We can give some remedial steps to correct their mistakes if they done really by mistake.
    In one Tamil cinema, hero was caught by police for some wrong accuse. Father of his fiancé comments on his character. At that time his son, brother of fiancé girl, came there and put the wall calendar as turned putting a black point on that asked his father what it was. Father simply replied as it was a black point. The son told father,' dad! you are not seeing the entire white in the calendar but seeing the black point that too i made. Similar to that nobody is seeing his good character but looking the blame accused by others'
    Similarly we should see the others goodness rather than their mistakes
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    A nice thread from the author. It is common to criticise others for searching for their mistakes. But no appreciation will come for the good work they did. Mistakes may happen. Sometimes without our knowledge mistakes may happen and sometimes we may not know what we are doing is a mistake. When we notice such issues from others, we need not criticise them too openly. You can talk to that guy privately and point out the mistake and if possible tell them the correct path also. That is welcome always.
    But talking about somebody's mistakes in their absence and criticising them may backfire sometimes on us only. We all should remember that if we are pointing out one finger at somebody, the other figures will be pointing out at us only. Let us take the behaviour of others in a positive way instead of finding a fault with them.

    always confident

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    When we use index finger towards others, rest of the four fingers by default question on us. Mistakes are part and parcel of our life, here no one is perfect. What we learn out of our mistake is foremost important.

    If we start pay attention on other's mistakes hampering our productivity.

    Always give zero weightage to mistakes. We all have come here some purpose it may get dilute.

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