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    Pupils should be made aware of their rights

    We observe human rights day on the 10th of December. Earlier, very few people knew about this. Now because of social media people in the majority are aware of their rights as a human. Different countries have different books of law. And here in India, we follow our Indian constitution. I taught pupils one of the most important rights for them i.e Right to Education. I said whether it is your parents or anybody else no one has the right to deprive you of getting an education. Article 15 also plays an important role in helping to end discrimination in any form.
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    I will not say that majority are aware of their rights but teachers have a great role to play here to make the students aware. When students are aware of their rights they will make their parents aware and there will be a general awareness of human rights among people. Through the RTE (Right to Education) Act 2009, education is now a fundamental right of the children in our country and efforts must be there by everyone in society so that no child remain uneducated. The quest for learning increases with education and it opens the door to a child and helps one to understand how things work on this earth.

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    Rights will come with duties only. Everyone should be made aware of their duties to the country and society first. Then only the rights can be made aware of. The responsibility to make citizens aware of their duties and rights lies on everyone.
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    Many of us are not aware of their basic rights and the role of teachers is important to make the people of their rights. Rights to education is the fundamental rights of all the children. Most of the people living in villages are ignorant of their basic rights and hence they must get proper informations through the different agencies such as wide display through the government advertisements. In this connection public relation department should play active roles in making awareness of their basic rights.
    Though the rights to health is not included in this list but should take adequate care in this area.

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    Why only talk about pupil and their rights? There are many people in India, who knows their rights only but not their duties. Awareness should be brought into the minds of all such people and they should be first told about their duties and then rights.
    The role of parents and teachers is very important here. More on teachers. They should teach the students the importance of values, the responsibilities they have and the authorities they have.
    In India many of us will talk about our rights but we will forget that another person is also having similar rights and no right is given to spoil the freedom of others.

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    It is mot possible for us to make Teachers are the sole responsible to educate students at the school level.

    Even city people are also ignorant of fundamental rights.

    Here media have to play the crucial role and it is their social commitment to create the public awareness.

    A slide carry an information about duties and rights can be displayed in the cinema hall so that it reaches common public fast.

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    In a populous country like India educating every child is definitely a difficult task but not impossible. Right to education is a fundamental provision in the background but we have to develop commensurate environment and social justice in which every child is able to secure some basic education for making not only a livelihood and career in his life but also for entering under the group of educated people.
    Govt is definitely trying to create facilities for achieving this ambitious target but citizens also have to contribute in their individual capacities to facilitate spread of education among the masses. It is not only the children but there are many adults who are not educated. I feel it is our duty to create help groups to impart some basic education to all these people who due to various reasons could not acquire it during their childhood.

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