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    Why not have a start-up to systematically train rural carpenters?

    While I do not know the practice in other States, the highly skilled carpenter Trade is the monopoly of a particular caste in Tamil Nadu. For almost 90 percent of those who specialize in it, at the moment, the profession is spread throughout the State. It is so common to find a carpenter or many carpenters in a cluster of two small towns or big villages. Of course, they are always so busy, as there is a big demand for their services.

    We need start-ups that can collectively involve and systematically train these people. They can then be used for urban needs and wants like designer kitchens, that can be heavily customized to the tastes of individual customers. Over a period of time, they can even think of enrolling housewives who can be trained in this sophisticated skill. In fact, the bundles of skills leads to competencies.

    We need some action on this front.
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    Already there is a trade called carpentry in ITI and many people get enrolled in this course. As mentioned by the author. this trade was with some people belonging to a particular caste. But now things are changed, Many people belonging to other castes also are learning this skill. These days I know even some brahmins who learned this trade and started this as their livelihood earner. So starting a startup alone for this trade is of no use. If we have capable hands we can think of multiple faculties for various trades and starting a training institute will be very useful.
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    I have put in Chennai. My friend running fabrication company for past many decades. Through India Mart he gets leads for Wooden Chairs and Tables and he ia unable to undertake new work due to competent man power.

    He hired people from Villages, but they tuned to town atmosphere, unable to fit into metro.

    Yes the author rightly pointed out in his write up. Its a major worrying factor and a proper training to be given through institutuons.

    in Chennai itself carpenters working here and there and fully occupied with the daily routines. They are not in a position to undertake small works.

    A proper vocational subject at the scholl level or college level - three year degree course like
    Engineering Diploma can be introduced by DOT or AICTE.

    I feel consolidating these people under one roof is the difficult process.

    Further, local SME office can consolidate carpenters and through experts training can be given to face new market challenges.

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    There are a number of institutes both Government and private to train those who are interested in carpentry. During my service, I was involved with skill development programs for youth. My observation is that they prefer trades that do not involve a lot of physical work. The electrician course was the favorite of many. The youth prefer to learn under a skilled worker as some amount of wages will be paid.
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    Not only in that trade, many aspirant students, I believe, do not know the courses available in ITIs, which is available in almost all cities, towns. As told by Dr. Rao, there are many trades in ITI which is actually a good one for young aspirants with which they can study, got trained practically, got job in the same trade and develop themselves to a great level in the trade. When I was in a public limited company, we used to select candidates from ITIs in various trades need for our company like Carpentry, Wireman, Electronics etc., We have selected candidates from the list obtained from ITI, gave training for the specified period as mentioned by the ITI, and offered employment with a good salary. Such persons so selected gone to the level of In Charge.
    So, the initiation should be there in the minds of aspirants and they should not be very selective but should know the available openings to them when they coming out of school education and, they should never aim only one thing for their future and they should know that there are more opportunities around them.

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    Startups and innovative entrepreneurs can definitely help the carpenters for increasing their productivity and to carry out their jobs with ease. The role of startups is not in the nature of training but in the nature of providing new ideas and new innovative ways to the carpenters for enriching and enlarging their work space. Startups work on new ideas and are funded by the rich companies and individuals who have some long time interest in the new ideas and new gadgets introduced by startups. This is the only thing that startups can do in any field including carpentry which is a trade skill.
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