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    Shall we count down 7..6..5..4..3..2..1 to SUN.

    Though a year passed away, on each login somehow this member is remembered in this portal with his unique contests, creative, his affection towards English that he could not bear mistakes of others in English sentences and some fights and fun too.

    The first death anniversary is on 20/12/22, members may share anything they relate with this member inside this portal or even outside, memories etc.,

    To start with, when I read his article on his kuladevatha temple VAST I really found interesting and I wondered about this acronym too. I even thought I should visit this VAST but somehow couldn't materialise till today and I hope I may visit one day. Also I could not forget my first virtual gift from him on winning in one of his contests.

    Members may come with their memories and let us start the count down to his first death anniversary 7..6..5..4..3..2..1 the next Tuesday 20/12/22, the DOD being 20/12/21.
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    Sun, it is very difficult to forget him and his submissions. He used to contribute more in this section. He was having a liking for his Premier Padmini and in many of his posts, he used to mention that car.
    Yesterday I was going through google search pages. In that search, I found one of his threads in which he congratulated me for overtaking the score of Mohan and coming to the first position in the forum section. He created that post on 23rd May 2017 at about 10.38 AM. If you click on the following link you can see that thread.
    Heartiest congratulations to DR. N V Srinivasa Rao
    I think like this we can see many contributions from him which will make other members happy. He used to place many contests on this platform.

    always confident

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    How can I forget SuN? He always kept touch with me even during my forced absence from this site. He always encouraged me. His death forced me to return to this site. I will definitely put up a detailed reply giving details of my association with him.
    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

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    During last one year, ISC has lost four members. The members who have left ISC forever are SuN, Ramakrishna Kambhampati, Ravishankar Sir and a young girl named Anamika Raj, who contributed some beautiful poems on this site. Among these four members, SuN has kept a permanent impression on me.

    When I joined ISC on 23rd September 2015, SuN's contributions had started decreasing gradually. He was entangled with some controversies, etc. within this site. But, even then, as a newcomer, SuN's contributions on variety of subjects, his quiz competitions, astrological predictions, story-writing contests, developing stories from pictures/images, etc. proved that he was a genuinely fun-loving person. His love for his beloved Padmini was/is known to other members of this site. Over and above, I was immensely surprised and impressed by his ISC India map released on 15th August 2015.

    SuN never failed to ask questions. I used to write on various issues. If he could not find something palatable in those posts, he used to ask searching questions. At the same time, when he liked some posts, he never hesitated to say this. As for example, he heaped praises on my posts titled "It's time to bid goodbye" and "An old man and a flower". He praised these stories as comments and also sent congratulatory e-mails later.

    SuN also had a liking for good drinks like me. This quality also brought us closer.

    During my forced absence for almost three years from this site, SuN occasionally sent mails to me. From his mails, I could easily understand how much did he love IndiaStudyChannel. He always used to request me to return, nudged me to write good stories (one of my stories during that period appeared on this site as SuN's post with my permission). Occasionally he used to discuss his comments on some GDs organised by this site. He also wrote about some editors of this site.

    From his last mail, I understood that his medical problem became severe. He was a sugar- patient. He was very upset that he could not get proper medical attention due to long lock-downs. At that time, I myself was very depressed after the death of my parents within one year, but I tried my best to give him mental strength through emails.

    Although I could not meet him physically, he made a permanent impression on my mind. Even after his death, he has forced me to join IndiaStudyChannel.

    Ohm Shanti, Lt. Cdr. R.M. Sundaram (Retd.), alias our friend, SuN.

    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

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    Sun was a very popular member and had personal touch in his posts. He observed things very closely and minutely and made comments and observations which some times resulted in a chain of responses. He participated in most of contests and even created a few of them. I remember his presence in the forum section as a thing of yesterday only and pray to almighty for his soul to rest in peace.
    Knowledge is power.

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    SuN, is he dead? I log in here after a long time and checked the "Top Contributors" to see whether there are K Mohan, SuN. I can see Vandana. Then I found this thread! I know the member 'Pramod' who is very active in the job section was gone a long time ago.

    But I still use to see SuN and Mohan's names on this site. He and Mohan use to reply to all my threads. But time runs so fast! Rest in peace, my friend.

    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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    SuN was R M Sundaram when I joined ISC. He had joined a couple of months earlier to that. I recall his profile photo which showed his full size photo standing in front of a mike( probably from an event where he was giving a speech). Later on, he changed his profile name and profile photo too.
    I was first attracted by his article on Veera Pandya Kattabomman, a patriotic valiant Tamil hero.
    I liked his general style of calling a spade a spade in forum discussions, though at times it became acerbic too inviting controversial responses and counter attacks from some members.

    Though we had many times disagreed on points on discussion in the forum, we both had a very good mutual respect and regards towards each other's views and writings in this forum.

    I never had any personal communication with him nor could meet him. But once when I was to visit Tirunelveli, (his place) on a tour, I sent him a private message asking if we could meet. But I did not get his reply on time and hence could not meet. It was much later when I raised a thread on the matter that SuN replied regretting that he was away and cut off from internet during those times and he really missed my message. He hoped to meet in next occasion. Regretfully that did not happen.

    What we can do now is to pay respects and tributes with memories about SuN. The sentiment becomes more because his death was never ever expected and the info also reached late. Though he was SuN in ISC now he will be another Super Star shining in the sky, having a more better view of Earth and earthlings.

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    As we remember Sun on his first death anniversary, many instances during which I had interacted with him on this site are flashing through my mind. Moments when we appreciated each other were many but so were moments when we were at loggerheads. The best thing was that nothing was taken personally and we had an amicable relationship throughout our association here. Difference of opinion will be there in this kind of platforms but how you manage the same is what makes one different as an individual. RIP, Sun!
    'Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.' -Miles Kington

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    A very frank response on Sun's first death anniversary - I was angered at times, by his threads and responses in the name of fun (some of them directly targeted at me), and also disgusted and appalled at the indecent remarks made a few times. And yet... I said in the obit thread, the loss and hollowness I felt, the tears that sprang to my eyes were spontaneous and genuine. Perhaps there's something about the deep emotional connection that I have with members here that I cannot quite explain which, despite all the spats that I've had with some of them, makes me upset about losing that connection, for whatever reason there may be that caused it.

    There was one activity that Sun had organized and which I really liked very much and thoroughly enjoyed being part of: Let's play cricket at ISC. I searched under the amusement category of the forum to locate it, and you can see all the activities he organized over there. It was a good GK test and I really appreciate the concept and the time and effort that he spent on it.

    R.I.P. Sun

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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