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    Can the Four lakh or less electric cars make a big dent?

    There are some reports of the Tata Nano being refurbished and made into a viable electric car with a few additional features thrown in. The car is said to cost around four lakh rupees.

    This is rather interesting. When cities become very big and the suburbs are as far as fifty or more kilometers from the core city center. Hence, the Nano would be a viable vehicle for such intra-city travel.

    Can such cars become a big hit? One is told that advanced technology will make it possible for us to charge our cars easily at our houses.
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    That is true. The main problem consumers are facing in using electric cars is charging the battery. Already there are batteries in the market that can be charged in our houses. So slowly people are trying to go for those cars. But as of now, they are costing more than the other cars, but their running cost will be very less.
    If the cost of the vehicles comes down, many people will show interest. The best example of that is the Indica car. Tatas introduced Indicas into the market and the price is the lowest among the cars of that category. So there was a lot of demand and we see almost all Ambassador taxis were replaced with these Indica cars only. If again really Tatas are coming with a small car with an electric battery at a low price, their product will be a big hit in the market and many people, especially in cities will go for those vehicles.

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    Nano did not become a success as expected. The main reason was it was launched much later and when the demand scene changed. It also had certain inherent defects and issues.
    Small cars at affordable cost can still be in demand now as now households can afford and are interested in having more vehicles in one home for its different members. So naturally a buying space for an affordable, small car, without pollution exists. If Nano is launched as an electric car at affordable price solving the problems of the earlier version, then I think it can be successful. The company should identify and market it in such a way to attract the specific target group.
    Just as Reliance Jio has clearly targeted and marketed to a vast target of entry level smartphone users, there exists an entry level group in every segment of products use.

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    Many automobile companies across the world are introducing electric cars and different different segments. In India also this has become a thrust area and many companies are coming out with newer models. We are definitely going through a transition at the end of which there will be electric cars everywhere plying on the roads. It is hoped and expected that by next 8-10 years that transition would settle.
    In place of petrol stations we will have battery charging stations or battery replacement stations at a nominal cost. Small cars could be charged in the home environment itself while for the bigger cars specific charging system will be required which will be installed by the company at various places in the town, cities, and highways.
    What the middle class people in India need is an economical car which can take four passengers including the driver comfortably and runs on battery. The price tag should also be below 5 lakh.

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