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    Why there is a difference in the cut-off between general and other categories for competitive exams?

    Isn't this unfair for general category students that they always have to try way harder to crack the exam than compare to other categories? The number of effort students are putting in may be the same but they are being discriminated against for their caste. Is this fair?
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    One should not say that. Before you and I were born, there was discrimination in this society between the upper caste people and lower caste people, we hear. It was told that in those days, these lower-class people were deprived of many chances. So, to do justice to the discrimination that was shown way back, in Independent India. the reservation policy was introduced. When it was introduced, it was told that it will be for a limited period only. But political leaders for their political advantage, the validity of these reservations are being continues and these reservations will remain there forever.
    How many people who really deserve the concession are getting the benefit, I don't know. A son of a political leader from reserved categories is again availing the reservation and getting benefits. But a son of a rikshaw puller from these reserved categories is depending on again rikshaw pulling only and does not even know that they are having these facilities. This is the unfortunate part.

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    In our country after the independence, reservation system was implemented in a big way. At that time it was envisaged that such a move will help the country in helping the people who were belonging to certain under privileged castes. It was also thought at that time that the reservation system will be applicable for maybe 10-15 years and by that time when the people belonging to different caste in the society come at par, the reservation stipulation would be removed. Unfortunately due to political reasons it did not happen and the reservation system in its various forms is still existing in our country.
    So, the so called general category candidates will suffer and will have to wait till some modifications in this policy are made as per the existing situation in our country.

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