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    Experience alone may not make an expert

    Generally, we all believe that doing the same work, again and again, will make us experts. But this may not be true always. A person who is doing a piece of work, again and again, may understand the easy way of doing it and he may give a higher output than the other persons. But that will not improve his understanding of the work he is doing.

    A person, who uses his brain and tries to understand what he is doing, why he is doing and why the work is designed in that way, may improve his knowledge. He may become wise. He may redesign the process and he may improve the quality of the work. Such people who use their brains may get the required expertise to become an expert in that line of activity.

    So I feel experience alone is not enough to acquire the expertise. I hope other members will also agree.
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    Experience in doing monotonous jobs will only help a person to do that job repeatedly without any new innovation or idea. He might be able to do that particular job properly and in time but that does not entitle him to get the label of an expert.
    An expert in a particular area is one who can innovate and do the job in newer and newer ways increasing the productivity and bringing the bottom line of the company up. Such experts earn good reputation in the industry and companies pull them in their group by offering higher salaries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author drags us to the point which has been mentioned by economists as demerits of Division of Labour. Though it is correct, practically the experience helps many in their trade as it in may cases differs from theoretical one. In Management theory there was case studies in this topic with both the views. It is true in many companies the people/workmen doing same job till retirement, but among them, it is proved some of them came to higher position. Mere education cannot be proved successful in case of some sort of jobs especially in technical area as one cannot be familiar with all sorts of tools and machines during their study but can learn to operate in trained job and when got experienced he/she can tackle the machines very efficiently than the production Manager or even Managing Director, though the person concerned is not even a graduate.

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    I agree with the author that doing the same job repeatedly does not give any guarantee that we have been expert in that area. Repeatedly doing the same job can ease the process with which we are involved but if there is slight twist in the process of performance, we might be confused regarding the end result. As far expertise is concerned, we should have the full grasp of the basics which are to be assimilated and have full understanding of the procedures. This can be achieved with our sound understanding and by virtue of this, we can later apply innovativeness in the given procedure. Certainly, it will take time to know the other details with which we are unknown so far. Once that stage is reached, expertise is surely achievable.

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