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    Holding grip with confidence in our motto or goal

    Every person in this world without any goal in their life either directly or indirectly. The firm confidence should be hold with grip is essential in attaining the goal of our life. The same has been reiterated in many ways by our elders, here we should think our real elders as elders not academic masters.
    Even in our Puranas it is been reiterated in many ways. Example we can take the story of Andal, a sincere Vaishnavite devotee who later came into the level of Azhwars, the Supreme devotees of Lord Mahavishnu.
    Andal was found as a child in a garden of an Azhvar named Periayazhwar. She brought up by the azhwar as her own child. The child developed herself in her mind as to marry only Lord Mahavishnu. This has got increased day by day in her mind. Though advised by her father that it is not possible as a human, she was very firm in her thoughts and paid sincere prayers to Lord. She sung 'Thiruppavai' a garland of poems on Lord Mahavishnu in the form of awakening her friends in the early morning of the winter month. Finally She attained the lotus feet of Mahavishnu as desired in front of Periyazhwar, her patron father.
    Thiruppavai, the poem written by Andal still followed sincerely in many places by unmarried girls in the month of December second fortnight as penance.
    Though it has been told many times that a human cannot reach God with physical body, Andal was very confident that she could reach God as her wish.
    The story of Andal, is meant for confidence and she played as a role model to have a confidence in attaining the goal.
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    Thiruppavai is very famous in both the Telugu States also. In many temples, these 15 days are celebrated as Dhanurmasam and early morning worship in these temples will take place. There is a Lord Venkateswara Temple near our house and in that temple also Thrippavai lines will be read by the priests early in the morning and prasadam will be distributed. Whenever I have a chance I will try to attend the same. Today morning also I was in the temple and received the Prasadam.
    Having a goal is very important. But simply having a goal alone may not make you successful. But working hard with undisturbed focus and concentration only will ensure us success. That is what we will learn from the story cited by the author.

    always confident

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    Wake up at 4.00 in the Dhanur Month is auspicious. Sincerely dedicated prayer changes our life. This month is the ending month of Dhakshinayanam. (Dark time).

    Goal, effort, hard work focus, concentration, success all these words one way or the other gives positive vibration inside and outside too.

    Once we wake up at 4.00 am is the Brahamuhurtam time. We all get an ample time to plan our day activity.

    Once we realise the importance of early wake up success knocks our door on its own.

    If we bring it in our routines or practice through out the year, we can conquer anything in the world.

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    Hard work and dedication is the only way to achieve ones objective or goal in life. There is no substitute for sustained efforts. There are some people who have a great degree of determination and focused approach to achieve their goals. They will not be deterred by the setbacks which often come in the way during such long time endeavours.
    In our religious books and scriptures there are many such studies where people continuously went on doing efforts to get their desired goals in their lives and ultimately at the end of the day they achieved that.

    Knowledge is power.

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