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    Tolerance of all faiths starts from home

    I recently saw a video of a family of Sikhs settled in Kerala. They were speaking Malayalam which was flawless, as I had a Keralite classmate near me when I showed it to him. I do understand the language, but not to the extent that I can find out if the right language is spoken.

    The family was celebrating Onam. This is exactly the kind of tolerance of cultures and faiths that is called for. And then my friend showed me two more videos, one in which a friend of his had done up his house in Coimbatore city, well in advance of the forthcoming Christmas. Seen it was Hindus and even Muslims having a grand gala time, dancing to some recent Tamil movie songs. My friend was also of the firm opinion that those who work together should often come together and enjoy moments such as these.

    The children of the different families were enjoying every bit of it. This rather big house, on the outskirts of the city, is likely to have a grand welcome to many guests on Christmas Day. I have been invited as well, but can't make it for personal reasons. Yet, I would personally call him and wish him.

    Life is all about such small parcels of happiness. We just cannot have one party talking politics based on religion. In Tamil Nadu, in particular, that does not hold water. We should give our younger generation all hope and happiness. We should help each other, irrespective of caste, religion or community, or whatever.

    These friends are also much younger than me but are intimately known to all our family members. What they are doing is something very significant in today's conditions.

    Everything starts from home. Tolerance of all faiths does start from home. Let us walk the talk.
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    The author is right. One of our relative girl who is hailing from total Maharashtra got married in Kerala, speak, write and read Malayalam freely and wonder above all this, she got selected in local Municipal Election of the area where she is dwelling with her husband.
    My grand father used to tell that we learn things at house and with that we manage working place happenings and if house is peaceful, the work in office or workplace will go smooth than anything.

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    Home and working places, both are interrelated. It is not possible to distinguish. We all have to begin a day with good note, this reflects in our works.

    We all are attached with our emotions sentiments, feelings. These three factors
    influencing our bonding blood relations.

    One of my dearest friend he is Christian, basically Malayalee, born in Hyderabad and settled at Noida.

    He celebrates all kinds of festivals in Noida, he never celebrate alone. He call other religion friends on the occasion of Christmas ,Diwali, Onam,

    He always used to keep aside religion, caste etc. He always used to say be a good human,rest of the things follow on its own.

    He never forget to visit Hindu Temples, the surprising part is he knows Mahabharat fully.

    I had been to Tirupathi once with him.

    Last month Diwal he invited all his friends to his house, celebrated i ln a grand manner.

    As per me faith belief etc starts from home only and one has the broad mind implement it to the outside the society.

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    It is very true that tolerance of faiths starts from the home. But that would require an understanding of that sort by each and every member of the society. The problem comes when some of the leaders guide the people of their own community and provoke them to behave in an adverse manner. In some religions or communities there are some rigid elements sitting in higher social positions who are creating a lot of problems for other communities not only in our country but all over the globe. Until and unless this tendency is checked and controlled the observance of all faiths alike by everyone in the society is a far dream.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Our Indian culture teaches us tolerance. If that is not there today we might not have seen so many religions and so many faiths. Indians are very tolerant. That is why we see many religions in our country. In this society, there is no difference among the people belonging to different faiths. Friends are from all religions not just only one religion. That is the very reason we are seeing an increase in the number of people belonging to other religions, not alone the Hindu religion.
    As mentioned by the author tolerance will start at home and should be taught to them from an early age. But politicians never want friendship between different religious people. So they divide and rule. A very old party belonging to India recently announced the points they are going to place in their manifesto. They say they bring in exclusive hospitals for people belonging to that particular religion only. They also said that preference will be given to the people of that religion in government jobs irrespective of their performance over other religions.

    always confident

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