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    Education is not only for making a career but also to inculcate culture and wisdom

    Many people have a feeling that education is only for getting a job and making a career. But if they feel so it is a very narrow perspective of education. Education not only prepares us for applying for a job or making a career but also inculcates in us a lot of wisdom and knowledge of the world which has been accumulated for so many centuries.

    An educated person gets to know about the world, its history, culture, values, and civilizations that developed from time to time on this planet Earth. Such vast knowledge creates a sense of responsibility and awakening in the individuals who have gone through the education-acquiring process.
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    Yes the author is right. With education one learn and follow culture and etiquette in their daily life. Their behavior is exactly different from uneducated. Even if an educated one behaving badly, people used to comment on him with astonishment, 'How he is behaving like this though educated well!" So every one should have basic education though they need not be a doctor or engineer etc., By keeping this in his view, our Tamil Nadu Ex-Chief Minister K. Kamaraj, was very particular in promulgating the Free Education to all.

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    It was discussed repeatedly that education is not alone in getting a job. But the present trend of the people is that education is only for obtaining a job. Acquiring knowledge is always required and education is a process in which we all will acquire sound knowledge and our wisdom will improve. Knowledge is a big ocean; we can't learn all even though we utilise our full time throughout our life for the same.
    Education can't be stolen away by anybody and no care is required to keep it safe. The more you distribute. the more it will be with you. Acquiring knowledge and wisdom is very valuable and it has many positives. Our minds will become sharper as we get more and more education and our thinking ability will improve. This will give us a better trouble-solving capability.
    There is no point in thinking that education is only for obtaining a job. There are jobs for the uneducated also. In my opinion, education increases the chances of a person getting a job.

    always confident

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    As per me what many of us does are after persuing graduation settle in the life. This is the goal set in the mind.

    Education is just passport only not an visa. Acquiring knowledge

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