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    We will find a range everywhere

    If we minutely observe the values of parameters pertaining to materials and matter around us then we use some units to specify those contents. For example length can be measured in metres, weight can be measured in grams, milk volume can be measured in litres, and so on.
    We specify and mention the quantity or values of these items and while doing that the concept and importance of the term 'range' enters the scene.
    Range is a very interesting concept. Though we talk of exact values but generally values will be slightly different from each other. Values and measurements generally lie in a range. It could be a very narrow range but range will be there.
    Let us see some examples where range comes in picture. If someone asks us what time we generally take dinner then we might tell that it is 8 to 9 PM. So the range is 8 to 9 PM. Similarly a shopkeeper selling lose items will deliver the items to the customer in a range. If the ccustomer asks for 300 grams of an item the shopkeeper can give say something in the range 300 to 320 grams. He does not bother for that extra 20 grams as a goodwill gesture. All statistical derivations are based on the phenomenon of range. Repeated physical or scientific measurements also vary in a range generally a narrow one.
    Have you also observed such ranges existing around?
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    Always there will be a range for many parameters. When we specify some parameters we can't stick to a certain value. We should allow some variation. For example, we say the length of our pants should be 90 cm. It may range anywhere between 87 to 93 cm.
    The equipment we are measuring will also have an error. That is why whatever equipment we use for measuring should be calibrated against a piece of standard equipment. We should know what is the correction factor. That correction factor should be applied to the measurements we do use that equipment. This is the standard practice in almost all laboratories.
    The tolerances will be very small and we require a very high degree of accuracy in some cases. There the range specified will be very narrow. This we will observe more in defence requirements. There the accuracy and reliability levels should be very high. Any ill performance may cost us heavily in defence,

    always confident

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    Everything is range-bound in this world was a thread on the same topic with similar content that was raised by the author in October this year and it won a special prize in the TOW contest also. Please avoid coming up with the same topics time and again. It would be better to keep a note of the threads that you raise so that such repetitions do not occur.
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