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    Don't judge others without knowing the facts

    Often, we pass our judgement on others instinctively whether we know or may not know the facts. We consider ourselves as an expert detective. When there are already so many things going around in everyone's life, what's the need to add on more? Instead we should try to understand their situation. The reason to discuss this point here is because in my school there is a teacher who always point out almost all students every now and then. If anyone is not able to purchase new uniform and reuse the same by stitching it, she makes weird expressions and poke them. It harms those pupil mentally as well as emotionally. Earlier, I used to judge others on the basis of their behavior but now I understand and analyse such type of things before arriving at a conclusion.
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    A nice thread by the author. Judging others only with guesswork will be a futile exercise. We must have more information about the background of the person and the circumstances in which he is behaving in a particular way. If we take cognizance of all those factors then only we can find more about the person and we can judge his behaviour and expressions in a perfect way.
    We should not read a person's behaviour in a hurried way. That will give incorrect and misleading results.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is right. Many people around us are like this. Commenting on different subjects or persons without knowing the fact and some people around them nodded their heads or got the wrong information feed into their mind as correct.

    Today, I was travelling on a city bus. A specified number bus 17D was overtaking our bus from the backside. A person who was sitting in the before seat to me, commented that "the route 17D was the very first service in that area and now see the bus is empty, without passengers why is the MTC running such buses?'. But actually, that bus was going to the depot after emptying the passengers being lunch hour. That person's comment would pollute other persons minds on the MTC services.

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    We should not rush to conclusion immediately by overhearing his credits or discredits from others. We should not take a few isolated circumstances to assess personalities of anyone. We need to see why someone has behaved in that way. If one is behaving in the similar way in the consecutive fashions, we should definitely establish that there is something wrong with the fellow whom we are referring to. Otherwise we should not be in a hurry to frame such an irresponsible comments.

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    What right do we have to judge somebody else? They are also like us. They know their situation and condition better than anybody else. Unless otherwise, we understand the situation of the other person, we can't say whether what he did is right or wrong. So how can our judgement be unbiased?
    A teacher should not judge students based on their dress and richness. If a teacher comments badly on such issues, the students will get upset and will avoid even coming to school and that will be detrimental to their growth. A teacher should see the behaviour of a student and he is having every right to point out the faults of the student in his behaviour. A teacher should teach what is good and bad and he is having every right to correct the student using the best way possible.

    always confident

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    Before getting to the point under discussion, I would like to say that your colleague does not deserve to be a teacher. If I were the authority and had known about her attitude, I would have straightaway terminated her from service.

    Now, coming to the point, though discussed quite a few times in this forum, I agree that it is not a good trait to arrive at conclusions or to judge others before knowing the facts. But the reality is that, most of us do so. We, without an iota of doubt, tend to say that a person is proud or arrogant just because he did not return our smile. We easily conclude that a person lying on the roadside must be drunk. We do not hesitate to blame children for not studying saying that they are more interested in other things. The list can go on endlessly. But judging others or arriving at a conclusion is fine so long as we are ready to think it over. We need to be prepared to correct ourselves.

    Finalizing a conclusion arrived at and cementing it at that will have negative effects on your relationships and attitude. If you give the other person another chance and show the magnanimity to tell him that he had been carrying a wrong impression about him till then, the negativity in the trait goes off and a positive vibe drives in. So, it is not basically the attitude that matters, it is the mind to correct the same that is more important.

    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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