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    Learning is not a one day affair

    Learning can be defined as acquiring of knowledge and understanding of the associated things. Whether it is basic education or trade or technical education or other skills, everywhere learning is required to assimilate all that knowledge in our minds. Learning is essential not only for making a career but to sustain it further.
    Learning is not a one day affair. In fact it is a continuous activity that has to be adopted in our lives for reaping the benefits in terms of getting progress and prosperity.
    Depending on ones grasp and understanding one can learn many things simultaneously also. Actually, it varies from individual to individual.
    In essence, learning is a continuous process. What are your views on this?
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    Author is right. Learning is the continuous never ending process. Here there is no age limit or restrictions are there.

    Here the mind set of an individual plays a key role. Small mind talk about events, Big mind only key to learn many things.

    If we stop learning irrespective of age, we gets stagnated. I have come one article wherein obe 55 years lady become a doctor,.

    In Tamil Nadu Shri A.M.Rajagopal, Jothida Chakravathy at the age of 70 years enters in Astrology world. Now he is 95 plus still active only. He can able to give speech about any religious topics hours together.

    Learning is never ending process. It improves our memory skills and one can easily over come ageing process.

    One have to give bearable pressure to mind and body or else its get rusted. Here rusting means negative thoughts injects in the mind.

    At times this world is the university.

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    A point discussed time and again on this platform. Learning is not a single-day affair. That is true. Learning is a continuous process and will start from the moment of our birth and only will stop taking our last breath.
    If somebody thinks that there is nothing for them to learn, he is incorrect. Knowledge is an ocean. What we learn is not even a drop from it.
    Some may learn fast in no time but another person may take more time for the same learning. It all depends on the interest and the wisdom of the individual. Learning is not alone for a career but it is useful for all of us to understand the issues that are happening around us.
    There are many fields to learn and attempting all at a time is also not the correct way. We can learn fast if we concentrate and focus on the subject that we are learning.

    always confident

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