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    One single acceptance of our work will wash the pains of earlier rejections

    The budding writers generally have a big problem of getting their articles or any other contribution published in the internet or physical print media. The writer may think that he has written a good piece of creative writing but unfortunately, the editors or moderators in various sites have to comply with a certain standard of writing suitable for that site and it usually so happens that in the beginning the contributions or writings of a new writer might get rejected a few times.
    When the writer realizes that he has to improve and edits and improves his creative writing then only he starts submitting the better version of the same. Eventually, in the course of time his or her creative writings are published and slowly he progresses in that field of freelance writing.
    So no one should get discouraged by a few initial reactions and take it in a positive side only. Once the writing works of the author are accepted regularly then there is no issue and more success and progress will be waiting for him in future in his writing career.
    Please share your experiences or views regarding this.
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    Initially journey of writers are not so smooth. They have to struggle hard to make their positions in the field of writing. They remain under the impression that their contributions are of high order and are sure to be accepted and published. However it might not be the cases always. The editors or the moderators have their own set of scrutiny and that criteria of rejection/ publication is beyond the reach of the budding writers. Repeated attempts in this direction never goes in vain. Ultimately they could hit the jackpot with success. Though such a journey might not be smooth but ultimately it could be rewarding some.

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    Yes ofcourse. Acceptance and appreciation from unknown faces make the big differences. At times, when I share my write-ups with my close circle, without reading they jump into the conclusion that it's wasting of my time. In the process, I wrote in a flow comedy track based on the character of a King, Minister, and one Doctor, and showed it to my known film friends. They appreciated my script. This appreciation vanishes my pains. That day I decided not to stop writing. First of all, it gives me self-satisfaction to get rid of unnecessary tension. Further, it cut short many unproductive talks with others.

    We all know the pen is mightier than a sword. As per me pen is Brahmastra. Here as a writer, it can be used infinite times. In the process, I earned a couple of titles from various bodies in Tamil, which gives goosebumps to me. When I find time, even short breaks also, I make use of it.

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    Initially, we may have to face some rejections. But as we understand the reasons for rejection and if we know what are the areas to be improved, we can improve our writing skills and our works may be appreciated by the readers. So we should not get disappointed with some rejections and the happiness we get will be immense when our paper is published.
    In my field of work, one US-based journal is number one and publishing an article in that peer-reviewed journal is very valuable those days. My research director decided to send an article to that journal with the work I did and he asked me to prepare the article as per the guidelines of that journal. Some of my co-research scholars discouraged me but I went ahead. We could send the paper. After their review, they suggested some improvements. We made those changes and sent it. Again they suggested some more and finally the paper was accepted for publication. My happiness has overtaken all the difficulties I underwent to make that paper suitable for publication.

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    It is obvious to get appreciation and comments from others for one's production. The views are always differ from person to person and situation to situation. One day when I walk on the road, because of the speedy vehicles on the road, I suggested through casual talking with a co-walker for speed breakers on the road. He also nodded his head. But on the same day evening when I came with a friend in his two wheeler, he annoyed on the speed breakers by saying that they are very much hindrance to the two wheeler drivers. So, one thing is good for one and bad for another.
    Rain is invited by a betel leave seller but hated by a salt seller.

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    That is correct. The thing is to be persistent. It is not only limited to writing and is applicable to every sphere. We perform an activity according to our knowledge but there always remains a chance for improvement. We often feel dejected when our work is not recognized and do not try it again because of the feeling associated with it. Often we do not follow the suggestions because of hopelessness. Especially, if the rejection is a couple of times some may think that no suggestion can improve the performance. This feeling restricts one to try another time. But if the work is recognized then it gives us the extra push and we forget all the previous pains of dejection with renewed hope and put all our concentration to perform better. Here both ways communication plays an important role. Continuous rejection with no feedback on the causes of rejection may not help one to improve further.

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