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    Will Jagan come out of the BJP hold on him?

    Some political calculations are now being talked about in the press. One theory is that Mr. Naidu, the ExCM is now making a comeback as Jagan is not so popular at all. But Jagan seems to be aligned with the BJP and this I'd crucial for the BJP support.

    What will happen? If Jagan starts thinking like Stalin of Tamil Nadu, can he break the jinx and become popular? We need strong leaders in every State to defeat the communal forces.

    Can Jagan take the courage to save AP and become a force to reckon with?
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    Andhra Pradesh was heading for good progress as a potential state for industry development under the leadership of the then Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu. Unfortunately, in the next election, Jagan won and became the CM and the downfall of the state started. Jagan is a very corrupt leader and CBI cases are pending against him. Under his leadership state last all the charm and now we are not seeing any progress there. Jagan can't even talk to the Central Government as he is having cases against him.
    BJP and Congress are not having any network in the State. Recently Cinema Actor turned politician Pavan is trying to come into public with BJP support. But slowly the people of the state are also realising the problem with Jagan and they may vote him out of power in the next elections. I don't know much about Stalin. But Jagan is a selfish leader without any concern for people. So he may not be lost long in politics. Within his party itself, now opposition is increasing.

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    Some people in politics can go to any extent especially when they get an important position in the governing system. The chief minister of a state is a very crucial person in the state and only his foresight and efforts can bring glory and prosperity to the state. If the chief minister himself is a dishonest person then there are very less hopes of any progress and improvement in the state and common people will suffer more and more.
    It is really very unfortunate that a very few leaders at the top are honest and concerned for the welfare of the common people. There is no lack of funds or revenue in the state or in the country and if the person on the top wants to develop the state it is very much possible to do so. In this matter the responsibility of the voters is also very crucial because if the voters vote only for the good politicians then only we will have good leaders on the top.

    Knowledge is power.

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