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    2022 Word Pairs Forum Challenge

    It's time to end the year with as much excitement as was generated by the recent Football World Cup! With the forum the heart of ISC, we're giving you a special forum challenge for eight days, starting today.

    What you have to do: You have been given a list of 6 word pairs. You must write something unique on all the word pairs, but no stories or poems and the like, within the given dates mentioned in the rules below. Please give a link at the end of each thread to this announcement, so that others will know those are entries for this reward program. For each thread, put an appropriate title that may or may not mention the word pair in it. Submit the threads in Discussion Forums >> About IndiaStudyChannel>> Competition Entries. Then submit a list of all 6 entries in a single response to this thread.

    1. To be eligible for the prizes, you must write on all the word pairs (that is, you cannot be selective).
    2. The write-up on a word pair should be submitted on any two days from 24th to 31st December 2022 (both dates inclusive), with three on one day, and three on another day. For example, you can submit 3 on the 27th and 3 on the 30th. You don't need to submit in the exact same order as given in the list. You can decide on which of the three word pairs you want to post on which day.
    3. Each thread must be in English and must include the word pair together at least once in the text, either literally or in an associated format (see the example given below). The text can be short or long, but not overly so. Do not put any links in the text. The word pair can be related to anything, such as films, books, sports, politics, etc but no references to weapons, medications, and the like. Naturally, adhere to the forum posting guidelines.

    Keep in mind that we are looking for unique write-ups and not the usual clichéd text (see the example given). You need not, too, take the words literally. You can use the word pairs in different formats (adverbs, adjectives, etc) and have the same/similar association. An example- if you are given the word pair 'Here and There' you can consider something similar, like 'Hither and Thither'. Also, instead of writing something about misplaced things and kept here and there, you could think of writing about it in association with travel or acquiring an education in different places.

    The Prizes
    1. Grand Prize: One and only one member will be awarded Rs. 200/- for the best complete set of six entries.
    2. Second prize: Rs.100/- (for up to two participants).
    3. Every thread of non-winning participants submitted for this contest may also be given enhanced points and cc. We will also give 20 points and 20 cc for the best responses (as many as we think are worthy of it), which may be in the same thread or in different threads.
    4. A surprise bonus prize will be announced after the closing date of the contest (31st December 2022).

    Important: In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize and other prizes, you must give a list of all the 6 threads in this announcement thread. Please submit it as a list within one response, and give links to each, so that the jury panel can check them out right away. It is suggested that as you go along, start submitting the URLs in a response here, rather than wait till you have put up all the threads, otherwise later you may forget to put one, and will become ineligible for a prize!

    The 6 Word Pairs that you have to write on are-
    1. Learn and Earn
    2. Song and Dance
    3. Slip and Slide
    4. Rivers and Oceans
    5. Up and Down
    6. Twist and Turn

    [Credit note- The concept for this challenge has been taken from the suggestion given by Venkiteswaran in this thread]
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    This is my first thread on this word pairs learn and earn
    This is my second thread on this word pairs rivers and oceans
    This is my third thread on this word pairs song and dance
    This is my forth thread on this word pairs Slip and slide
    This is my fifth thread on this word pairs twist and turn
    This is my sixth thread on this word pairs Up and down

    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    My entries for this contest are as under -
    1. Rivers and oceans are to be kept clean and unpolluted
    2. Vicissitude in life while making a career
    3. Twist and turns in mystery and suspense books
    4. Continuous learning is essential to survive in the industry today
    5. The beautiful relationship between song and dance
    6. Slip and slide methodology can also help in real life

    Knowledge is power.

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    My entries for this contest are as follows.
    1. Optimum utilisation of river water
    2. Learning and earning opportunities are blessings to many
    3. A wife and husband should be like a song and dance in a dance concert.
    4. Did you ever hire a vehicle for up-and-down travel?
    5. What made TV serials very interesting?
    6. Lack of civic sense is the biggest problem

    always confident

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    My entries for this contest are as follows:

    1.Book reading habit gives a twist and turn in everybody life
    2.Harmony in married life joyfully expected with a dance to the tune of other
    3.Learn and earn are two inter-related aspects.

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    My entries for the word pairs forum challenge

    Submitted on 28.12.2022
    1. Master your trade before you start earning
    2. Ups and downs are part and parcels of life
    3. With its twists and turns life is a roller coaster

    Submitted on 30.12.2022
    1. Not just us - birds and animals too can dance and sing
    2. Slips and slides and the game of cricket
    3. Rivers and oceans and their search beyond the realms of Earth

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    My entries for the forum challenge

    1) Learn and earn together and you will never be a burden
    2) Song and dance brings Rhythm in life
    3)Slip and slide and enjoy the ride

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    My submissions for the challenge:

    1. Twist and turn has a deep connection with fate

    2. Human life revolves around song and dance

    3. Seesaw preaches a valuable life lesson

    Submission on 31.12. 22

    4. Slip and slide can be physical or moral

    5. Every family has rivers and oceans within

    6. Learn and earn the love and respect of others


  • #768162
    Here is my entry:-

    1.Life is full of up and down
    2. learning and earning is part of our life
    3. Song and dance makes our life healthy

  • #768216
    My entries for the contest;

    1. Different Understanding of learn and earn

    2. Singing and dancing is complementary

    3. Why we forget when we are at down phase

    4. Slips and slides: Constructive or Destructive

    5. Rivers and Oceans are soulmates

    6. Twists and Turns creates crispy stories

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