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    They have made us proud, but we are least bothered

    We were all very busy with the FIFA World Cup. Although our country could not qualify to participate in the World Cup, our enthusiasm did not diminish. We were spending sleepless nights watching the top football-playing nations performing in the World Cup 2022.

    At the same time, the neglected Women's Hockey Team of India did a great job. The Women in Blue led by Savita Punia lifted the title in its inaugural edition of the FIH Nations Cup after the Indian women beat Spain 1-0 in the final of the tournament. This made them qualify directly for the 2023-24 edition of the FIFA Women's Pro League. In the final against a strong Spanish side, Gurjit Kaur scored from a sixth-minute penalty corner and the team managed to hold on to the lead to win the trophy.

    Hockey India has announced Rs. 2 lakh for each player of the Indian team and Rs. 1 lakh for each support staff of the team. But, unfortunately, most sports-loving Indians are least bothered about the victorious Indian women's hockey team. They are totally apathetic.

    I congratulate the team. I sincerely hope that the Women's Hockey Team stands on the podium in the next Olympic Games in 2024. Last time, the team missed the medal only by a whisker.

    Both Men's Hockey Team and the Women's Hockey Team of India will surely make us proud in the coming days.
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    Due to over dosage of cricket, rest of the sports are sidelined or are given step-mother treatment in our country.

    As we all know our country has the second largest population in the world. Our youth and kids have abundant talent and potential, and in noway they are inferior to people from other countries in the world. Our sports ministry will have to build the infrastructure at the district level, explore the talents at the school level and provide all support in the best possible way. There is a huge vacuum in our system to identify talents. Further sponsors have to be encouraged to come forward and extend the big support to our sports other than cricket.


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    This world is a strange place. Everyone is running after the main craze that engulfs the world and it's people from time to time. It could be cricket or it could be football or it could be a movie or it could be a famous book or a new version of some famous gadget like iPhone but when the craze is formed, people blindly run after that and forget everything else. I thifnk same thing has happened in this case also and I thank the author to bring it in the notice of members here.
    I remember long back hockey was one of the game where India was considered a good team and I remember the time when we had wizards of hockey like Dhyan Chand in our country. The present hockey teams in our country are doing well and it might bring the earlier glory back home.

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    True. Once upon a time, the Indian Hockey team was very strong and many people used to think that Hockey is our national game. But slowly our hockey team lost that grip and people started ignoring the game. Meanwhile, cricket is the game picked up in our country and there are many cricket players as well as cricket lovers. These days we see small children playing cricket with their own arrangements on the streets in villages. So all other games got sidelined. Again now hockey is picking up in India.
    It is very nice to know that the Indian women's hockey team won the inaugural edition of FIH Nations Cup. My congratulations to the women in blue there. They made all of us proud. Hope our Indian hockey teams, both men and women will come out with excellent performances and win gold medals in the next Olympics. I wish them all the best.

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    Indian hockey has been showing signs of rejuvenation. In 2020 Olympic games (played in 2021), Indian men's team got the Bronze medal. The Women's hockey team missed the Bronze by a whisker. The team lost to Britain in a very competitive match where any side could have won.

    Expecting podium finish in the next Olympics for both Men's team and Women's team.

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    Actually, hockey is not a very popular sport, be it in India or elsewhere in the world. The popularity further diminishes, if it is a women's sporting event. Even in popular sports like cricket and football, women's teams get neglected by the sponsors and the viewing public alike. However, individual sports like badminton, tennis do not differentiate between women and men and that's why we see, players like Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza and PV Sindhu are hugely popular with the masses. Coming back to hockey, how many of us see young boys and girls playing the game around us? Except in some schools, colleges and academies, the game is hardly played by anyone. Most kids will prefer playing cricket, football, badminton or tennis rather than taking up hockey. Moreover, it's not a game you can play anywhere you feel. It requires a proper ground that has to be big enough for the ball to get a full playing field. The chances of injury is also very high as I myself once got hit by a hockey stick on my face while playing at school during my childhood. At the same time the game is difficult to master and many don't have the patience to stick to it. In such a scenario, it is highly unlikely that the game is going to be popular in the country anytime soon. The country may however continue to do well in international competitions in both the men's and women's events, as there are always some diehards who will not allow the game to go into oblivion and will continue to do their best bringing glory to the country. I too am proud of them for their achievements and their dedication to the game. Hope one day, hockey really becomes popular not only in our country but in the rest of the world as well, just like football.
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