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    The unorganized retail sector keeps on growing

    Amazon and flipkart are now reaching the villages as well. And there is Jomart, reportedly trying to conquer the last mile deliveries with a massive number of tie-ups with local retailers, including the numerous mini-supermarkets.

    However, the villages, pan India is made up of the hundreds of thousands of small petty shops. They stock local snacks, cigarettes, a massive number of goods manufactured through the cottage sector, some fruits and vegetables and also the local soft drinks, which give the toughest competition to the big FMCG companies. To be a part of this market, Pepsico and ITC, for example, sell the smallest Rs5 packs of Lays and Bingo branded potato chips through these shops. The sales runs into hundreds of thousands of these packs.

    However, even in the same market, there are numerous small Brandes local players. India is a land of millions of such entrepreneurs who market their products through the small retail unorganized market. This is a very interesting market.
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    The author is right. even organized sectors/vendors are providing their products in small quantity so as to reach every corner of the city. Maharashtra based Haldirams and Tamil Nadu based A2B are dumping their different varieties of snacks even for ten rupees packets available in almost all shops or grocery stores. It is one way removing children from junk foods to traditional snacks which has no harm to their health.
    We, consumers should patronize the small vendors / retailers as they just depends on us.

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    India is a very big market for many. It may be an FMCG, a big corporate or an SSI, and the products made by them can be sold. In Hyderabad, there are many Sweet shops. hot chips outlets, and many small outlets. All have their own market and are able to manage their business. As mentioned by the author even in villages now we are able to get all types of products almost at the same cost. Even online companies are delivering products in villages also. The change in village life also started during COVID and working from home times. Even now it is continuing, We are seeing many small hotels in villages also and slowly there also people are getting accustomed to eating out once in a while. I feel we should purchase good quality material even though they cost a little high and at the same time we should encourage local vendors.
    always confident

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    Yes, the author is cent per cent right. In our country, the retail sector contributes more to GDP. Many of us are not aware of it. Small and tiny manufacturers are unable to market the products on a larger scale, and wish to serve in local market. Now awareness is increased among the new generation. Now it is easy to start business and all the formalities can be completed online itself. Those who know the Govt schemes can get subsidies and loans, training etc

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