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    Let us take a vow to make a difference at all times

    The Tamil Nadu Government has started a wonderful scheme wherein volunteers can register and offer their services for free to Government school students. In fact, they seek the date and the topic well in advance. In this fashion, the Government wants to overcome the problem of resources that can build Government schools.

    Various interest groups keep influencing Government policies. The State Government teachers of primary classes earn a figure of sixty thousand rupees per month. Yet, they want pension benefits like bank employees. who belonged to the good old days, when the pension was fifty percent of the last drawn salary, with some chances of increase when the DA goes up. For example, there are too many bankers who earn pensions of over Rs.52000 per month, even today. This is not possible for any Government to bear and the National Pension System is the answer. However, State government employees want the old scheme.

    Naturally, resources for infrastructure in schools require huge funds and the Corporates can donate computers. The rich traders can chip in with resources in kind and construct two buildings or additional classrooms and so on. We need the support of the public for this purpose. The Tamil Nadu Government has started a novel scheme. I have already applied to offer my services as a volunteer for the social science subjects.

    How this takes shape is yet to be seen. But a good beginning has been made and the Corporate houses are expected to chip in.
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    All government employees are lucky. They are getting good salaries and they will also get a good pension. Even then they are not satisfied. A private employee will not get any assistance and whatever savings he/she has will earn some interest and they have to manage with that only. I have seen many employees who are in the unorganised sector and small companies may not have any savings.
    In some universities, qualified people are offering their free services as guest faculty and the university will not pay anything to them. One of my friends who stays in Visakhapatnam is delivering lectures at one university there. He invited me also but as I stay in Hyderabad I could not go there.
    In Telangana when Naidu was there as CM introduced a scheme called Vidya volunteers they will be allotted to some schools as a teacher on a temporary basis and they will be paid a very small amount as an honorarium. When they appoint regular teachers these volunteers will be given some additional marks as a token of recognition for their service. I don't know whether that scheme is existing now or not.

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    1. Government employees get huge salary and huge pension without doing anything.
    2. They don't have any accountability. They come to office and leave office as per their sweet will.
    3. They are very haughty and arrogant. They treat others in a very demeaning manner.
    4. They have lots and lots of negative qualities.
    5. The work which the Government employees do doesn't need any expertise. Any Tom, D#@k and Harry can do it much better than any Government employee on any given day.
    6. These are the precise reasons why people always wish their next generations go for Government job. If they don't get it, of course, it is due to the existing Government employees.
    7. Considering all these arguments and counter-arguments, let us all forget that India's colossal Covid vaccination programme with a cost of more than Rs. 45,000 crore has been entirely financed by these worthless Government employees and pensioners who sacrificed their DA enhancement for 18 months.

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