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    If the Indian vaccines have the highest immunity power then why the MNC employes are doing WFH!

    As the CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology) director said that the BF.7 variant will not penetrate the Indian population because they have been given the Covaxin Vaccine which has got the highest immunity power and Indians by DNA have immunity power which can fight any viruses in the body. Now my question is why the Indian MNC employees like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, and others working from Home instead of Offices? As with every nonsoftware or WFO of the neighbouring housewife is murmuring that WFH employees(Wife or Husband) not even sitting a single minute at home on any day to do work.
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    What you have posted here is not fully correct. The CCMB director Dr Vinay K Nandicoori never said that the new variant will not affect the population in our country. He said at present, the situation is not that serious and also insisted everyone should follow the covid guidelines.

    While the vaccination drive throughout the country helped Indian citizens a lot the population which has not received the booster doses should be located and administered the remaining doses. The work-from-home (WFH) scenario started during the lockdown and at present, some organizations are giving their employees an option to WFH if they wish so and according to the business requirements. If the tasks can be managed by a section of employees from home then it's a good way to reduce the expenditure of the organization. Employees of TCS are not completely working from their homes and had to be present in the office three times a week. If some of them wish to continue working from home all the time they need to show the authorities a valid certificate from the health practitioner.

    As for complaining family members, it will continue irrespective of whether the official work is done from home or the office.


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    All the MNCs are insisting to come to the office but the employees are not willing or reluctant to come to the office. Even they are reluctant to come to a hybrid model. One more thing is CCMB director has said that the BF7 variant is not dangerous and it will not affect the Indian population. The director's mother tongue is Telugu he gave an interview to Eenadu Telugu news channel he clearly stated these words on AIR.
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    Various Corona vaccines world wide were developed in an emergency and their effectiveness is still a matter of discussion and controversy. Those who invented these various vaccines across the globe are claiming that they are effective in the range somewhere between 70 to 90% but there is no concrete test data to prove that. But the only positive side is that once mass vaccination is over than the chances of people getting the infection from Corona virus or its new variants becomes lesser and lesser day by day because herd immunity is developed throughout the population.
    Even then this is a very highly technical matter and no one can have the last word about it. We should not take the literal meaning of the CCMB director's word about it. He is only giving his expert view which may be correct or incorrect and that only coming times will tell.
    In my view there is no such guarantee that Indian population will not be affected by Corona virus or its variant once it enters our country in a big way. So it will be a prudent and wise thing to take all the precautions and the safety measures like using the mask in crowds and other such places, keeping distance from each other, avoiding unnecessary outing and visits etc.
    We should not live in our confidence rather follow the stipulations being issued by the authorities and use our common sense if any such adverse situation like China arises in our country.

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    I don't know about the immunity power of vaccines made in India. But Indian vaccines are working well and there are no adverse reports. They were exported to other countries also and we have not received any negative remarks. No vaccine is 100% fail-proof. The success rate may be somewhere around 90% and the success rate of Indian-made vaccines is around 90% only.
    My son works for TCS in Hyderabad and he is going to the office at least 3 days a week he says some are even going for 4 days. My cousin's son works for Wipro in Hyderabad and he is also attending the office at least 3 days a week. Slowly almost all companies are forcing their employees to attend office instead of working from home.
    Nobody can say that the Indian public will not get infected by this virus. We have seen how much we suffered during the 2nd wave. But what many people say is for a country like India where the population density is very high, the severity is not in proportion to the population and everybody feels that the State and Central governments handled the situation cautiously which minimised the losses.

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    No, my late brother son, and daughter are working at Infosys and Wipro their designations are not high-level they are working at home and the Hybrid model is for high-level designations not for all in MNCs.My Neighbour works in CTS he is working in work from Home not even in a Hybrid model but what is his designation? I don't know.
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