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    A wife and husband should be like a song and dance in a dance concert.

    We will be attending many dance programmes. In these programmes, a singer will sing a song and the dancer will dance to the tunes. There should be good synchronisation between the singer and the dancer. In such instances only. the programme will be good and viewers will enjoy the whole proceedings. If there is any mismatch in the rhythm the whole programme will not be enjoyable and viewers will start leaving the place halfway through the programme. The song and dance should go together to make the concert a memorable event.

    For any family, the wife and the husband are the key persons and they are like song and dance in a dance programme, Both of them should understand each other. The wife should dance according to the tunes of the husband or the husband should sing according to the steps of the wife. Then the family will be smooth and all the members of the family will be happy. None of the two should try to outperform the other. Both should mend their ways to match the other. Both should go hand in hand so that the family will be a model family to all.

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    Author nicely presented the perfect relationship in between husband and wife. I too wish to see these kind of pair in our society.

    Now things are changing. In every house wife dominate more on the husband. Husband is toy for wife. He always dances his sweet heart tune only.

    Earlier marriages are fixed in heaven. Now money only matters. Husband or wife, always wants to live in a comfort zone. There is no one mm tolerance level in between them

    Earlier give and take policy prevails in between them. Now take take only, why should I give? These kind of question arises,due to which joint family set up vanishing.

    As per me in future husband and wife stays together as joint family.

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    The author has very nicely presented the relationship between husband and wife by comparing them to singing and dance. In our country the relationship between husband and wife are mostly cordial and affectionate. This we have actually inherited from our culture and traditions. In western countries the situation is totally different where women have independent lives and want their own space even though they are living in the family.
    For a cordial and mutually dependent life there should be a complete harmony and understanding between the husband and wife. It is a relation based on faith, sacrifice, and love.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We Indian couples are somewhat different than rest of the couples living in other countries. We couples believe in each other and at least most of the times, they prove themselves that they are made for each other. I have seen an ideal example of love and affection of one of teachers in my high school days where the teacher was doing all sorts of household jobs after his schooling duty due to complete health breakdown of his wife. She became totally bed ridden due her advanced cancerous stage. The job of the teacher included every possible thing such as changing her sarees, feeding her timely ensuring her maximum comfort wherever possible. This relationship did not break due to the fault of the teacher but he failed ultimately as it was destined to him. Such an ideal love expecting nothing from his wife is indicative of our strong bonding of the relationships and in that way, we differ from others.

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