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    The beautiful relationship between song and dance

    Song and dance are having interesting relationship with each other. A song has two parts one is the lyric and other is the tune in which it is sung. Lyric conveys the theme or matter of the song but it is the tune that creates the melody in the song. So, a person who wants to accompany the song by dancing will give cognisance to the song tune.
    Perfect combination between a song and dance will only be achieved when the rhythm of both match with each other.
    A slow dance will accompany a slow song while a fast dance will accompany a fast song.
    Another important thing about this combination is that the lyric of the song should also match with the mood that the tune and dance create. For example if it is a dance depicting a prayer to God then lyrics should also have words accordingly.

    This is my entry for the word pair forum contest.
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    That is true. Both music and words are important for a song to be melodious. Nowadays we see heavy music and the singer will not give much importance to the word. How to pronounce where to club and where to divide are not given importance and more thrust is given to music only. Such songs will not be melodious and they may not live long. When we see a dance performance, the song and the dance should go in a rhythmic way. Then only we can enjoy. Sometimes in movies, we see the lip moment of the actor will not match the song and we may not be very happy to e see such dances in movies. There should not be any mismatch between any two of the above three parameters. The lyrics should be suitable to the situation and music should be made to the lyrics and dance should be designed based on the tune of the song.
    The author is right in saying that if the song is for prayer the words used should be soft and the dance moments should be in accordance with the music.

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