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    Lack of civic sense is the biggest problem

    The other day an old man was walking on a footpath slowly taking the support of a stick. Suddenly he slipped off and slid down onto the road. The people around immediately helped him to get up and an ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Why did this slip-and-slide accident happen? Somebody might have eaten a banana and the banana peels were thrown on the footpath and it has fallen just on the edge of the footpath. The old man might have stepped on that banana peel which resulted in slip and slide. The presence of banana peels confirmed this.

    These types of incidents are many and we will be reading about them in newspapers. These accidents show that the citizens are not having civic sense. They want their convenience and comfort only. What is going to happen to fellow human beings because our actions are never their concern?

    All citizens should go for self-analysis and start teaching the importance of civic sense to future generations. We should teach them the importance of caring and sharing. This will make the kids understand the importance of civic sense. These qualities only will make us responsible human beings.

    This is my entry for the contest
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    In a civilized society it is expected from all the citizens that they will behave in a proper way and will not litter here and there. It is the responsibility of every citizen that our surroundings should remain neat and clean and we should not throw any garbage in any unwanted place. No government machinery or staff can keep the cities or towns clean if citizens do not co-operate in the matter.
    People should not only observe cleanliness but also inculcate this in their children so that when they grow up they spontaneously follow the guidelines of keeping the things and places neat and clean.
    Unfortunately, in our country we have neither inherited nor learnt the art of keeping surroundings clean and it is evident in the corners and lanes of the town and we find garbage thrown here and there.

    Knowledge is power.

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