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    Learn and earn together and you will never be a burden

    Learning and earning are both processes which require the investment of time and capital, both assets may vary depending on circumstances but both are there since nothing in the world comes without price. In this age where there are fewer jobs and more learned people, learning and earning together is not an option but a necessity. Until and unless you come from a family with a lot of money you can't think about going into higher education because you will always stay under the guilt of taking the resources of other family members.
    So if a person wants to go for higher education, or any form of education if he can earn and learn together he/she should always do that. Our future generations need to be taught this skill of "earn while you learn" so that in this world of the rat race and in a future where joblessness is the norm and having a job is an exception they can survive.
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    I must appreciate the author for this valuable article where she has stressed how both the situations can occur in the alternate ways. In the present time, higher education has been expensive especially when the aspirants proceed to European countries or USA to have their higher educations. Such an education has been so expensive that only the candidates hailing from affluent classes can enjoy such opportunities and rest have to take up part time jobs in the form tuitions to make up a part of fees and the rest part could be the financial support of the family or enjoying scholarships from the universities. Hence both earning and learning go on simultaneously to achieve their dreams of higher educations. But in life nothing comes without struggle.

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    When a person is earning while learning then he gets to know the value of money very minutely and would respect it. On the other hand, a person who is getting financial help from family members or from other sources will not be so particular about spending the money in a proper way.

    In some families, we have seen that the children who are pampered and given a lot of facilities depend for everything on their parents and do not understand the value of money and in many cases, their performance in studies as well as making a career is also very poor.
    So. Understanding the value of money can only be acquired when a person earns while learning. I strongly feel that is the best combination of earning and learning.

    Knowledge is power.

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