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    Slips and Slides: Constructive or destructive

    At different instances in life slips and slips took place which can provide the best as well as the worst results. If the tongue slips it can even break lifelong relations or hurt someone. This is the case of great leaders is a big problem and can even lead to war between two countries. However in the case of a writer if thoughts slip out of the mind and pen slides on the paper it can be very constructive for literature. If human slips it can even break the bone however many adventure activities include slides so they can be constructive recreational activities. So combination of both should be used with due care.

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    Generally, slips and slides may be leaving a negative effect only on the person who slipped and slid. Sometimes the slip or slide of a person may help other people and leave positive effect on them. For example, if a person who is in the number one position slides down, the person next to him may overtake him, and he may win the race. Here, the slip and slide of the person who is leading helped the person next to him. That is why we don't know till the last moment who is going to win the race.
    Many people may be getting affected because of unexpected slips and slides in their career path. It is all in the game. Invite them as they come.

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    A slip is a slip and it can cost a person sometimes heavily. Though it is not necessary, a slide can also follow a slip. Everyone wants to avoid slips in one's life but sometimes they are inevitable because they also occur in our lives due to some external factors which are beyond our control. Doing things without proper advanced planning and in a haste can also lead to slips in our lives. One has to adopt a pondering and patient approach in one's life if one wants to have a minimum number of slips while executive or planning a job.
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