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    Slip and slide can be physical or moral

    As we all know, slip and slide is a kind of toy. Some enjoy riding it, but some may not. There is a chance of an accident too, which might hurt physically, but there are many other kinds of slips and slides in life that might not injure bodily but morally. Some would take away the fun factor as it happens in snake and ladder. Unfortunately, if the number on the dice puts the player's token into a snake's mouth, it has to slide down to the tail. Even in ludo, when a player eats up another player's token: it's put back in one's home. That again reflects slip and slide though not physically.

    Well, slip and slide not just relates to an indoor or outdoor game. Even in our day-to-day life, during rain, flood, a pile of sand or mud, a floor splashed with a bucket of soap water can cause slip and slide. Some may remain uninjured, while few may become prey to it and have a grave injury.

    Sometimes we learn about someone's demotion in their rank due to the person's dishonesty and insincerity. One cannot expect to go higher and higher; even though remaining in a particular position can be stagnating and suffocating, still better than slipping and sliding caused by wrongdoings as it leads to loss of prestige and reputation. Thus, slip and slide is either fun or humiliation.

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    True. Slip and slide may be physical or moral. The effects due to physical slip and slide can be cured through medication or surgery as the case may be. But if slip and slide happens in the morality of the persons, the effects may not be known immediately and they may have to suffer afterwards, may be in this birth or in later births.
    Moral values are more important for human beings. So nobody should slip or slide morally. But these days we are seeing many people who never cares for morals and they are ready to slip and slide to any extent if they are going to get some benefits. Majority of the people think for monetary benefits at the cost of morals. One should come out of this thought process. One should always think that slipping down morally is nothing but committing suicide and we should think we are dead even though physically we are living, We should all avoid slip and slides morally even at the cost of slip and slide physically.

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