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    How do we spend our evenings?

    Of course, the title is a question that could be answered in a small sentence, or even with one or two words. Maybe we go out into an open space such as a park or a meeting place or a sea shore, etc. Visiting a friend's house may also be a choice.

    How many will choose to attend a talk by an expert in literature, arts, or some other specialised field? No doubt, people might opt according to their background. At the same time, how many will take this seriously? In fact, attending such open talks will definitely help improve one's knowledge. In fact, these types of popular talks are definitely useful for common people.
    These days most popular open speeches would be based on politics. No matter what the topic is, it will definitely help improve our general knowledge.

    Just some open thoughts!
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    Evening time is the time when most people will like to have a leisurely talk with their family members or relax after work hours or go outside for a stroll or go to the market for doing some petty shopping. That is of course the normal routine but once a week, some people will like to attend a talk or gather some piece of knowledge being delivered by some expert in the area.
    As far as I am considered, I like to go for a short walk in the evening in the nearby areas, sometimes in the nearby park, and just meet some people of my age with whom I have developed an acquaintance during the last few years.

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    Even though I am not a regular employee, I may be visiting some organisations during the daytime and generally, I will be free only after 2 PM. I have no habit of sleeping in the afternoon. So from 2 PM to 6 PM, I will spend some time on my laptop and attend to different sites. After 6 I will go for a small walk. After that, I will be spending my time with my grandchildren. Very rarely do I go out and attend talks. But I will watch videos related to spiritual and political topics on youtube. If there are any special events in the city and if my wife or other family members show interest to attend them we may be going once in a while but not regularly.
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    It will be truly captivating to attend a talk by an expert in one or the other field, but unfortunately, I do not yet have the patience to listen to such talks. I rather spend my evenings going to the gym or simply relaxing at home and enjoying a cup of tea with my family during the evening. At times, I go for a walk with friends or family, but they are few and far between. However, if I do come across such experts, will like to one day give them a try and listen to what they have to say on their preferred topic or subject. Hopefully, will be able to gain, if not more, at least a little bit from their rich repertoire of experiences.
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    It is a good point. Evenings should be spent peacefully away from routine for at least one hour.
    When the children comes from school / college, parents should provide some simple snacks with coffee/tea/milk. This should be done to them with care words.
    Not only for children but elders also it is expected care words from the house persons. Everybody should sit in a relaxed mood by casual and jovial talking. My mother used to tell my wife to get fresh in the evenings while the gents are coming from work. Though this may be ridiculous to think but there are some meaning.

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