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    Communicating the address with way is a must and clear

    Many people are sending the addresses with invitation through WhatsApp and messages. Some of them just telling the directions vague.
    Today evening when I am returning home a middle aged person was searching some place by having mobile in his hand. On seeing me, he approached me for direction to the address he searched for. I learnt from his talking that he was a Telugu speaking person, and told him in Telugu, that the place is somewhat one and half kilometers from there. By pleasing my Telugu speaking, he told me that they, that is the calling person directed as opposite to Prasad Lab. He called the other person over phone and gave the phone to me. I asked him the exact place. I told him again that the place is right as opposite to Prasad Lab but located at the other end. Then I board him in a share auto by telling the place to the auto driver in Tamil. He went by saying thanks to me.
    The other side person would have told him to come there by a straight bus which is got terminating at that place or would have suggested the route exactly in Telugu, as he himself a Telugu man.
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    All people will not have the same clarity. In earlier days when Google Maps is not very popular, we used to ask people to guide us with the route by telling to them the name of the place we have to visit. Some people used to give a very clear idea and some people may not be so clear. There may be a problem in their narration or there may be a problem in our understanding. But these days Google Maps is very handy to many and we need not ask anybody if we have a smartphone and if we have the Google Maps app on that phone.
    Definitely, when we are in a new place and the local language of that place is different from that of our language we will face some problems like this. One should be very accurate and clear in his communication so that the other person will understand the route easily and can reach the destination on time without any problems.

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    Giving an address on the invitation card is very important but more important is to tell the exact direction and landmark so that a person who was invited reaches the place easily and conveniently. It does not take much effort to do that only thing is the host should have the will to help the invited person in reaching the place comfortably.
    All the senior citizens are not very much comfortable with Google Maps like the young people so they require some verbal or other hints for directions so that they can reach the venue easily.

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    If the address indicated in the invitation card is clear hinting the ways to reach the destination of host, there is not the possibility of any confusion. If the place is a village or not a major city, we need not bother much and the people around the place are quite helpful in guiding us to reach the exact destination. We could have the different scenarios in case of major cities if the lanes, streets are missing to reach the exact destinations and hence the sender should take these steps to ensure that invitees don't face any inconvenience in reaching out the place.

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    Ramachandran, please avoid translation from Tamil to English. I suggest you go through the thread you have posted and make necessary corrections. Google map will help you only if you are clear about your destination.
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    #768406 Sir, there is no translation from Tamil to English in my posting.
    Moreover, the person whom I met hold his google map in his mobile but the person who called him was telling another direction, so the person got confused.

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    This happens in many cases.

    For a new person, even a small turn or branching will create confusion. For the local personas he is familiar he may involuntarily ignore the small turns and curves or some landmarks. which actually would be a proper identification for the new person. Similarly for a new person even a short distance will appear as long.

    Hence when we give directions and address to a new person, it should be specific even with minute details. For that the local person should approach the address and direction as if a new person to a new place. Similarly the new person should not hurry and skip some notable landmarks.

    When mentioning about landmarks we should give the side like towards your left or right when travelling from or by etc.
    Similarly when we give address in English, the correct pronunciation(in the local language) should be given, so that people guide them properly.
    Though people rely on Google map for directions, many times they land into problems like dead end, deviation etc. as there would be some recent changes like repair etc. Moreover Google map may not show some minute details too.

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