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    Money cannot buy good health

    Money is an important entity and we can buy many facilities and services with it. Life becomes very convenient when one has sufficient money in hand.
    But there are certain things that even money cannot buy and one of the most important things is good health.
    For keeping good health one has to be very punctual and disciplined in many activities in one's life. For example one has to avoid the junk and high oil and spicy food, one has to exercise regularly, a balanced diet and optimal food intake is to be taken, and not resort to smoking or any such addiction. For attaining such disciplined life one should have a high degree of self-control and confidence.
    It is not easy to have such a life style and only a few of us can follow those controls and have a healthy lifestyle.
    Members, please share your views and opinions on this.
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    That is why we hear many times that health is wealth. What is the use of wealth when you are not able to enjoy your life because of ill health? So everyone should concentrate on their health also in addition to running after wealth. There were many discussions on this subject on this forum many times.
    Many times our tongue will win over our mind and we will get tempted to eat junk food even though we know it is not good for our health. Similarly, laziness will make us avoid walking and other exercises. All these put together we may lose our health. One should not forget about the importance of health in their life. Timely eating, sleeping enough, and not indulging in habits that may be detrimental to our health is very much required for all human beings to have good health. Our habit of smoking is spoiling not only the smoker's health but also the health of others. One should not forget this point.

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    What the author has indicated is not to denied. Money is precious in the sense that we can have a lot of consumable items and luxurious components for which we had passions. In that way, this becomes the essential part of our lives. However the possession of abundant money does not guarantee of our perfect health unless we maintain rigorous discipline in this area. A nutritive diet does not mean that it should be costly. Home made diets after the selection of proper oil and with less spices, salads, butter milk etc if included in our principal meals would provide enough nutrients but that does not amount to be expensive.
    Hence we can say money and health are the two different entities not connected with each other.

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    The author has rightly stated that money can buy comforts but can not buy good health. For example, many affluent people suffer from chronic and incurable diseases. Even after spending a large sum of money they have to undergo a lot of stress and are unhappy.
    Leading a disciplined life, consuming a healthy diet and doing exercise can keep both the groups of rich and poor equally healthy. But there are some fatal diseases such as cancer which strike people all of a sudden even if they follow strict rules in maintaining their health.

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    Majority of health issues are coming to human because of stress and mental worry. These two are, cannot be said that could overcome with money on any account. We are seeing many persons having abundant wealth too could not eat as they pleased. Many poor people living in huts are living peacefully and without any health hazard. For every person self content is an important aspect for a good healthy life.

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