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    Are Vande Bharat trains worth the money?

    The Vande Bharat trains have been newly introduced on various routes in addition to the many trains already operational. The day trains are okay and only some routes where the tracks are not as yet ready for the high-speed trains, like the ones between Chennai and Mysore, do seem to present a problem, in that the time difference between this train and the Shatabdi is just around 25 minutes.

    One particular YouTube video talked about a compartment where the water leakage was severe in a sleeper coach. I do not know which route, as the video is not available now. Hope the Railways have set right the problem.

    Those who have traveled by day train have given good opinions. As one yet to undertake a journey on any of these trains, I do not know the experience.

    The question is: are the trains worth the high cost of tickets?
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    Any mode of transportation that gets you to your destination is worth it as long as you are comfortable with the cost. When we fly, we do prefer a nonstop flight rather than one that has a stopover, but would also see the fare that is the least. The same is with the Vande Bharat train. It is up to you whether or not you are ok with the cost. The cost of tickets is high on the Vande Bharat trains due to the sophisticated infrastructure (the coaches).

    My relatives had a good experience travelling on the Vande Bharat train some months back. I think it was from Coimbatore to Chennai (not sure of that or whether from Mysuru to Chennai). They said they got a seat right up front, behind the motorman's cabin, and they could see the dashboard. The seats were very comfortable, and they found the washroom has a very good utilitarian feature - a sort of shelf where mothers could place their babies to change their diapers. Overall, they did enjoy the journey very much and were generally excited about it, even posing on the platform and standing next to it before it started!

    If I am not mistaken, you can opt not to have the food provided by the Railways, so the ticket price may be less than if you paid for the meals that are included in the price. I think one disadvantage is the timings of these Vande Bharat trains. I remember checking out one for a trip and it seems the trains only had very early morning timings, which was not something I would opt for even if it was the fastest train. I value my sleep.

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    Initially the passenger trains are mostly used travelling mode for public. Later the time factor occupies in the minds of public so the introduction of more services in express trains, non stop, Double decker, Shatabdi, Tejas trains are introduced. In that line the Vande bharat trains are introduced. Besides this there are number of flights to travel in less hours than trains. In spite of the ordinary compartments available in trains people opt Air conditioned and upper class coaches for their facilities and similar to that the Vande Bharath trains. People those who do not mind about money but facility and time factor are opting the train.

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    The cost of a 1st class ticket on any train is very high when compared with 3rd AC. The speed is the same and the only advantage is we will have some comfort in the seats and the privacy we will have are different from other compartments. For this, we are paying that much high. Some people consider the same as reasonable. Some may not consider the same as reasonable. It all depends on the thinking of the individual.
    The journey time between Vizag and Vijayawada is about 7 hours . Now with the Vandebharat train the time has come down to 4 hours. A person can start early in the morning and complete his work and get back in the night. This is saving an overnight stay for the individual which will cost him some money. So worth or not will depend on the need of the individual.
    I have not so far travelled on a Vandebharat train but friends who travelled told me about their experience and many of them are happy with the comfort of seating and other amenities,

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    Vande Bharat trains are new-generation trains with enhanced facilities. Some people who can afford the fares are already availing them. Even the existing trains are having higher fares due to the dynamic ticket price system and the price of available tickets in higher classes increases when the journey dates approach nearer. People who are making reservations at the eleventh hour are paying much. A few months back I observed this thing that ticket prices were going up for the nearer journey dates.
    If we compare that way then there would not be much difference between the ticket price of Vande Bharat and other trains.

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