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    Nervousness in first meeting is natural.

    In the phases, when our life is revolving around marriage nervousness is quite obvious. We feel butterflies in our stomach at the same time we tend to keep ourselves calm. What's running in mind is just what we talk about and how. Few days ago, it was my first experience with the person whom I and my family want me to marry. We met in a mall, had coffee while discussing about what's going in our current lives it was nice to meet him. We went near the bank of a river Narmada the positive vibes floated there catalysed our level of peace. And the feel of meeting first time and all the nervousness get dissolved. I was in flow while talking just like those river waves.

    Have you experienced something like this?
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    Meeting with our would-be life partner for the first time is like that only. Initially, some amount of nervousness may be there but later depending on the initial exchange of pleasantries and talks it may subside or disappear.
    It is said that the first impression is the last impression and believing in that saying most people will try to show their best behavior during the first meeting. Unfortunately, that creates problems later on when the partners find that the real behavior was something different from what was depicted earlier. That is the starting point of all the conflicts and confrontations between the couple.

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    Nervousness will be there always when we do new work for the first time or when we talk to a new person for the first time. When we attend an interview for the first time we will feel nervous. When we give a speech in front of a gathering for the first time we will become nervous. The same may be the feeling when we met for the first time the person whom we are going to marry.
    When I attend an interview first time, it took some time for me to settle well and understand the questions. The persons who are conducting the interview gave me sufficient time for me to settle and then only they started asking me.
    Probably these days young people are getting sufficient training for personality development and that may be making them much strong in facing tough situations in life.

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