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    Sudden and valued ideas are born out of necessity

    Ideas are normally born to us at times whether they are applicable to us or not. But for that, we cannot impose others on our ideas without considering their situation. Similarly, ideas on certain issues develop themselves into an invention. The ideas born in such a way need not be based on age or status.

    Recently I went to Hyderabad for a purpose. I saw on the roadside, a man sharpening knives, and sickles. But he was standing by side of a bicycle. I just wanted to know where was his wheel to sharpen the items, standing there for some minutes. In the five minutes gap, one person came there for sharpening knives from the nearby hotel. To my surprise he, the sharpening man took the wheel with some chain and attached it to his cycle chain. By putting the stand of the cycle, he simply pedalled his cycle by sitting on his cycle sheet. The wheel ran and he finished his work in ten minutes. This is a simple invention that has immense value for his earnings. When casually I spoke to him I learned that it was his own idea.
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    A good observation from the author. I agree with him that ideas will come when there is a necessity. Sometimes we will be in the midst of some problems and we don't know how to come out of those issues. We start thinking and we will get some sharp ideas that will be proved to be excellent afterwards,
    After our marriage, we started our living in a town near Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. We did not have a gas stove and my mother-in-law was using a kerosene stove for rice cooking. On the same stove, the dal was not getting cooked. There was an oven to heat the water for a bath. In that oven, sawdust was used. My mother-in-law was using that oven for cooking dal. In that oven, there will be a separate compartment for burning sawdust. Over that sawdust, a small vessel with dal was kept and the dal is getting cooked slowly. My wife managed like that almost for 2 years in the same way.

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    Sometimes people invent or innovate due to the situation and need of the hour. For that, one need not be highly qualified or a research scholar, and many times ordinary people can find new ideas in the spur of the moment just by using common sense. Many inventions were done like that.
    Many times in our house we have to do some household repair and maintenance but we don't have the exact replacement of a part or necessary tool to execute that. In such a situation some people get ideas and with the available resources they manage the things and things work also at least till the qualified mechanic is called to do it permanently.

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    We can manage many domestic chores with our own inventions. We learn the different techniques in our crucial situations and in fact, our minds work faster in the critical moments. Such inventions don't require any special qualification but it suddenly flashes in our mind.
    It is really an interesting part that even our youngsters are day dreamers with a lot of ideas and they, if encouraged would surprise you with their wonderful ideas. That shows that creativity don't need any teaching from any external source. Idea will generate instantly to manage the difficult situations.

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