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    Looks and degrees doesn't define your character.

    I heard somewhere that no matter how educated you are but your behavior towards others tell about you more. I have seen educated people they make others to count their degrees and awards but they are not humble. Always ready to put someone down. What makes the sense if you have earned the tag of a literate person but don't have humanity. And if we talk about looks we can understand this through an incidence in life of a great spiritual leader Swami vivekanand when a Britisher said can't you wear proper cloths to be a gentlemen? And vivekanand replied him calmly that in your culture dress makes gentlemen but in our culture character makes gentlemen.

    And to build that character it takes long time. It's not easy as achieving a degree. It takes a lot of awareness. Every now and then we need to think what we can give instead of what we can take. The world is full of greed already let's become a beacon of hope building that character to make this planet a lighter place to live.
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    It is a pity that generally people with impressive looks and higher degrees are buttressed and are held in high esteem. However, a simple-looking person with fewer qualifications is always judged by the same group of people .

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    It is really a sad state of affairs that the educated masses keep themselves away from the common people because of their superiority complexities. They even sometimes talk roughly with others since they don't have any matching qualifications that they possess. Education refines the personality and such gentlemen should be more sensitive, full of compassion and other humane qualities. If they lack these noble qualities, how come they are classified as educated mass. They should enlighten the societies with their knowledge so that entire mass could get benefits which the rest mass needs.

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    We should not judge a person merely on their looks and educational qualifications that he is having. What is the use of highly qualified people if they do not want to talk to us and feel that they belong to some higher level and different society? Looks are generally deceptive because we are attracted to good-looking people but when we come in touch with such people and see their attitudes then we find that they are of no use to us and there is no point in establishing a friendship with them. The main thing that matters is how people behave with each other and have concern for fellow beings and depict a helping attitude whenever it is required. Nothing else matters.
    Knowledge is power.

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    That is true. One should have patience and understanding. He should be more humane. Education is nothing to do with the behaviour of the person. A person should always be good with others. Unnecessarily poking into the affairs of other persons and commenting on them is also not good, There are many illiterates who are very good in their nature. They treat others with respect and never hurt the feelings of other people. At the same time, we will come across some educated people who never know the basics of human relations and never maintain good relations with other people.
    The dressing is something related to physical appearance. It is true that we should dress as per the situation and the environmental conditions. We can't go to the office with half pants. But we can't understand the nature of the person based on his/her dressing ways. One should be good and decent at heart but not outside. The other person may feel happy by seeing you. But that happiness should continue even after you open your mouth and start discussing with him.

    always confident

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