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    Do you think India Covid 19 vaccine is more effective than other countries Vaccines?


    I have one question , Do you think India Covid 19 vaccine is more effective than other countries Vaccines? As we heard that China situation is very bad and we do not know what are the main reason either vaccine or virus impacts more there .

    I pray to GOD be all safe and world become safe from Corona. People not able to come back from previous year situation and suffering from money crisis or lost any family member. Only God can save us in future so thank God.
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    Probably in China, the Vaccination drive was not administered properly I think. From the beginning, China tried to underplay the COVID situation in their country. They have scant respect for human life. Even now also I think the facts are not coming out properly. Somewhere I read Corona started its journey from China and reached back home after a world tour.
    Coming to vaccination in India, the Central government has taken a special interest and seen that the majority of the people will get vaccinated in the shortest time possible. We should appreciate the initiative taken by the Central government in this respect. Indian Vaccines are on par with the best vaccines available across the globe.
    As mentioned by the author, everybody struggled and hopes history will not repeat itself. Slowly we are all recovering from the loss and we hope we will have a smooth time in the near future.

    always confident

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    The effectiveness of vaccine is ascertained through clinical trials where a sample population of people is given the vaccine and results are observed.
    Depending upon the sample size the results could vary. So we should not take the figures as they are. But the effectiveness of vaccine will be around those figures only with a tolerance of at least 10% this side or that side.
    Most of the vaccines are having effectiveness of 70 to 90%. It is very difficult to tell which vaccine is better as their testing is done in different conditions.
    The reason of present Corona situation in China is due to relatively lesser vaccination in that country and lack of development of herd immunity. That could happen in any part of the world.
    In USA there is a big group of people who are against the vaccine and are not taking it. If the new variant spreads through them then what would be the status of their stand?
    In India credit of developing herd immunity goes to large vaccination and its execution by present Govt.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Even after a vaccine is out for mass use completing all necessary evaluation lab tests and trials of different stages, its efficacy and impacts are monitored for some more period to ensure its efficacy and safe use.
    The first concrete evidence is the absence of relapse or recurrence of the disease within the calculated immunity period. Moreover the proof of herd immunity is the tapering off of incidences and the decreasing damage effects.
    Thus, though it is still early to predict life long immunity, with the till now evidence regarding the tapering off, decreased virulence and decreased potentiality, we can say that the Covid vaccine in India are quite and effective as expected and designed.
    Whether it is more effective than other vaccines can be stated only after we get concrete and truthful data on other vaccines. However from the emerging media reports from other countries and from impartial news and data sources we have reason to believe that India made Covid vaccines are more effective.

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    Nothing Covaxin is the only vaccine that was made in India. All the people who reside in India not used that. Pakistan used Sinovac vaccine(made in China) was used in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, African countries used Chinese vaccine there are very less deaths and reoccurrence is also very less. If you see the death rates of Covid of top 10 India stands on Top3 where as China even not listed in the list. See if Covid reoccurrence is there in China as reported by Indian media and Western media. Their rupee value should decrease and they should be in financial crisis. Their goods for import should decrease foreign companies who already established in China should go away due to the instability nothing is happening. First they said China self created Coronavirus if some knowledgeable and logical person says if China created the Coronavirus they are the first one who suffered for that. Later some one says they already have a vaccine for that take whole word in their hands they created it .Now everyone is telling that their vaccine is not powerful enough.
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    We must appreciate the steps taken up by our central government to ensure that vaccination should reach in the quickest possible time to reach masses irrespective of their income status. The common mass enjoyed such vaccination incurring no cost and as far as efficiency and effectivity of these vaccination was concerned, we could see the results which was at par with the world standards. Though we have massive population but the drive of vaccination was carried out such a fashion so as to cover the majority of masses.
    We have successfully faced the corona phase and let us hope so there is no recurrence of the past this time. If at all, such a situation develops, we are confident of tackling the crucial situation.

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    I think most of the Indian vaccines are effective whether it is Covaxin, Corbevax or Covishied (modified version of Astra Zeneca vaccine). Most of my family members either took Covaxin or Corbevax (Children). Except Chinese media, whole of the world media including Hong Kong media talks about the havoc created by Covid-19 in China now. Even satellite images are showing how crematoriums are queued up in China. Just to save the face and save the ineffectiveness of Chinese vaccines, the Chinese government is under-reporting the Covid-19 cases and deaths.

    Sooner or later most foreign companies will move out of China as the whole world now came to know that China is not transparent enough when dealing with epidemics like Chinese-originated Covid-19. Even China came to know that companies will move out, otherwise, they might not have written an Article in their mouthpiece Global Times,

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    Creating a vaccine should take at least years it will not be developed in months. As there is a story A king and a Tailor Tailor will say I have made the clothes for the king but the good thing about those clothes which is truth and honesty will only see these dresses which I made for the king. Everyone says I saw it because they want to be certified as honest so King is naked... The vaccine created will not stop polio, measles, and others which we can see physically, this virus is not all infectious and will not lead to death, Those who are died it is because they are already ill...
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    It is debatable, which vaccine is the best, whether Indian, Chinese or the western ones. However, it is likely that Indian vaccines are superior to the Chinese and the Russian vaccines. Both these countries are closed ones without much information flow with the rest of the world. India, on the other hand, is a much more open country, which values collaborating and exchange of ideas with others. On that count, our people were able to develop very effective vaccines either on own account (Covaxin) or through collaboration (Covishield). The Indian government is also to be appreciated, which ensured easy availability and administration of the vaccines to all irrespective of their income or social status. Most other governments, including, the western ones were lackadaisical in administering the vaccines. There were resistance on the part of the population too in many countries. China for example did not allow herd immunity to be built, because of its highly restrictive zero covid measures. In contrast, in India, even during the covid peak, we were crowding markets, liquor shops, railway stations, buses and what to say about the crowds during election campaigning. It was in fact a blessing in disguise as the crowding helped herd immunity to be built at a faster pace. So overall, it can be safely said that our vaccine is at par with the western ones and possibly better that the Chinese and the Russian kind.
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    Those who used the China vaccine in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka should have more deaths, and reoccurrences will be there but there is no such news in any type of Media. Pakistan Supreme court gave a verdict to remove Pakistan's Prime minister such sensations will not happen in India. If China's media is controlled what happens to these countries? Their media is also controlled.?!
    Based on the situation, humans in the society should follow an abelian group (Closure, Associative, Identity, Inverse, and Commutative)-- Bhushan

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