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    Kite-flying banned in Hyderabad during Sankranti celebrations

    Hyderabad (Telangana) city police has imposed a ban on kite flying on all thoroughfares and around places of worship in Hyderabad from 14th January 2023 to 16th January 2023.

    The Hyderabad City Police Commissioner C.V. Anand, in a Notification, said that the Order has been issued to maintain law and order, peace and tranquility, and to prevent accidents that are likely to occur during the celebration of the Sankranti festival in Hyderabad from 14th to 16th January 2023.

    The Notification has further said no loudspeakers or DJs shall be placed or played in a public place without the required permission from the police authority.

    So, Kite-flying is banned during Sankranti to maintain law and order, peace and tranquility!

    What is your opinion? Is it right or wrong?

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    Sankranti means not at all kite flying. I don't know where these Hyderabadis and Telangana people adopted this culture. As you see this festival is mainly celebrated by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.No where in this region there is a kite celebration festival over there.
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    This edited thread is no longer my baby. I completely deny my parenthood of this thread.
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    Kite flying is not a custom in all the places where we celebrate Sankranti. It is only in Telangana I have seen and here also it has come down even in Hyderabad.
    Some accidents took place in Hyderabad because of flying kites from heights without any sidewall protection. So as a safety issue flying from housetops might have been banned keeping safety in mind.
    Why they banned it in other places, I don't understand. Many religious activities are being conducted in Hyderabad in a big way without any problems.
    The local state government is very cooperative with the MIM party and its chief. Probably to strengthen their bonds and to be friendly with them in the coming elections., the government has taken this decision. There is no other reason than this. Never has any religious unrest cropped up in Telangana so far during this Pongal time.

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    Many festivals have some associated activities and that is not a new thing. The Makar Sankranti festival is observed in our country in different ways in different states. Kite flying during Makar Sankranti is a common activity in many states like Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat, Telangana, etc
    Due to the religious sentiments of the people generally, such activities are allowed by the administration.
    It is also true that kite flying has associated problems as many accidents occur and it is unsafe for birds and also for people riding on bicycles, scooters, or motorcycles.
    If we look from the administrative point of view this decision is alright and there is nothing wrong with it but the administration should take such decisions in all cases for stopping the associated activities with any religious festival that are harmful in any way either to the environment or as a nuisance to society or accident prone. This is essential that the administration should stop any such activity without any biasing for any particular religion or community.

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    #768773, your denial of parenthood of this edited thread proves that the editor was right with his decision.
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    Kite flying might be the symbol of the people to express their pleasure in momentous situations and as such such a trend during Makar Sankranti is not uncommon in many of the states such as Gujarat, Telangana, Rajasthan, UP etc. This is the reflection of their joyous spirit during the festivities of Sankranti. However we have noticed the dangers associated with the kite flying. Birds flying nearby might be affected with such operations apart from endangering the lives of commuters passing through such streets. This could be equally dangerous to the people who are on their bikes or scooters.
    Hence banning such an activity is the very right step for the administration but it should be extended on other festivals as well to arrest mishaps.

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