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    Have you ever experienced such a situation?

    There are rare occasions in our lives when we are having nothing to do. We had completed some of the task and other tasks are expected maybe in the next coming 2-3 days. So, a gap in activities appear all of a sudden. We were not prepared for it. We start pondering as how to utilise that gap. Should I go for shopping or for outing or may be a movie in a multiplex or visit some friend or just pass time in social media and viewing TV and so on. There are many possibilities and immense options.
    Suddenly, I remember an important work which I was delaying because of the busy schedule and now I strongly feel that I should attend to that. I forget all options of passing time and get busy with that pending work.
    Did such a thing ever happen with you?
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    Nowadays, in Delhi we are experiencing extreme cold. Further, there is lot of work pressure in office. As a result, I am forced to cut down my writing drastically in all social media platforms with which I am associated. I have many ideas, but can't write about these issues during these days.

    For the last one month or more, I am trying to write an interesting post on Aira Kharavela. I have collected all materials painstakingly, but don't find the energy to write.

    May be when the weather improves a little bit and work pressure decreases to some extent, I will again find my energy and writing zeal and complete the post.

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    Partha, I understand this because when I was in my active job life I experienced something like that only and due to the high job volume in the workplace, I felt lethargic in attending other things including hobbies.
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    So far such a situation has not happened in my life. I am always busy with some work or other. Many times I have to hear from my family members that I am not giving time to them. I am in my 60s now. I am thinking to continue like this till I reach 70 and thereafter I want to reduce my work so that I will have some free time.
    Actually, I feel it is good to have a full workload. Otherwise, as mentioned by the author we may be thinking of ways and means to spend time. Sometimes, I will be attending some work and I will be asked to attend some other work. So I will be careful in accepting works and see that there will not be any overlap. But Sunday is a free day for me and on that day we will go out shopping or movie or to a friend etc. As my sons are also having a holiday on the same day we plan collectively to spend that day.

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    There are many people in hectic positions do not give time for family and personal affairs. This may be correct according to their present situation and the family elderly persons would understand the situation but definitely the relationship gap will occur in young and small children. Later such persons will feel much, as I have seen persons alike.
    A relative of mine who is a chief executive of a concern have no time to stay house. Many time he is on tour or meetings. In the time of in-station also, he use come in late night and go in early hours of morning. His two small school going children looked after by his wife and maid servent. One day he got attacked by severe fever and on doctor's strict advice he forced to stay in house. That morning when he was reading newspaper in the hall his two children playfully came to the hall by running but immediately run back to kitchen by saying,'mummy!some uncle is sitting in the hall'.

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