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    The best gift comes uncovered.

    Gift makes us feel special and important. The level of happiness we get through it is so overwhelming. I am not just talking about the gifts we get in a materialistic way. But what we receive intrinsically like love, peace, strength is much more valuable. Sometimes these things push people to go a little longer. Last month just before leaving the city my soul sister has gifted me a beautiful chain but her feelings and intentions behind that gift I can still feel it like she is hereby my side always. I also try to gift the things that remains with them for longer something which makes complete in their own.
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    Yes, indeed. It is not the physical gift that matters so much as the thought behind it. When you give from the heart, it touches the recipient's heart. It is especially beautiful to send something for no particular reason, that is, when it is not necessarily a birthday or any other special occasion. It is a thoughtful gesture that will surprise and delight the recipient.

    Speaking about thoughtful gestures, even a greeting card would be a wonderful surprise, especially in today's world of technology when we are more inclined to quicker ways to wish others, namely, through our phone apps. It is sad to see some people not even calling up to wish or have a conversation on somebody's special day.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    A gift is a great gesture especially when it is accompanied by love and affection. Unfortunately in modern times, many people are formally giving gifts and are appearing more mechanical in that process. Such gifts do not convey anything to the recipient and he or she also accepts them in a dry and dull way.
    What is the use of exchanging gifts if sentiments are not attached to them? The purpose of gifts is not material acquisition. We should not assess a gift based on its price.
    Frankly speaking, it is not necessary to give costly gifts to each other. Even wishing one cordially and with respect make a bigger impact than the valuable gifts. People give more concern to those who are behaving in an affectionate and caring manner.
    The recipient will always judge the sender of the gift by the sentiments and feelings in the background and not by the physical gift itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I really agree with the author. One should not see the materialistic value. But the love and affection the other had toward you are more important.
    My Guru under whom I worked for my PhD is always a special person to me. He attended my marriage and he gifted me a big steel meal plate. While giving me that plate he wished me all th best and told me that I should eat on that plate every day. Really the way in which he expressed his feelings to me touched my heart. I started eating on that plate and for the last 37 years, I was using the same plate only. I have a silver plate also. But I never use that and I use the plate given by my teacher only. I think I will use the same plate throughout my life,
    Like these people will have some special gifts from people special to them and they will be remembered always.
    But some people see the value of the gift based on the commercial value of the item. That should not be the case.

    always confident

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    Very often, we are the recipients of gifts from our relatives. Their gifts sometime become special due to their touching words which they normally utter while presenting such gifts.
    I do remember the day when I received a HMT watch from SAIL while working in Bokaro Steel Plant on the occasion of greetings best workers and officers for their distinguished jobs. I was informed lastly regarding the inclusion of my name for such a prestigious award from the head of the department.
    Though the item received by me was not costly enough but the way of inclusion of my name through my HOD reflects his generosity. He ultimately greeted me with his kind words telling that this watch would remind you of your dedication towards the company always. Though I have several sets of watch but I prefer to wear this one offered by the management.

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    In marriages and other functions, we normally getting articles as gift. Sometimes we get dinner set, tea cups set, clocks etc., in more numbers. As everyone is not used by us, we normally give the gift items to others with new pack.
    Similar to that the main gift we posses as received from the Supreme Power (God) is the Love. This gift is inherited in everyone of us and similar to the marriage gifts we have to give the same to others around us with a new pack. The Love and Knowledge inherited in us never comes decreased if we shared the same with others as of money.

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