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    It seems magic until you know the trick

    Many magicians are showing magic tricks and the audience is much amused by their expertise in magic skills. There is always a good crowd for the top magic shows in the world. Some of these magicians take the help of advanced magic gadgets which are working on scientific principles and captivate the audience.
    On the other hand, some religious Gurus or Babas also show us miraculous tricks but attribute them to the mercy of God and present it in sacred ways. These Gurus are there in every religion and are known by different names.
    There had been a large number of cases in the past that some of these religious Gurus were caught and their tricks were exposed and in some cases, due to associated illegal activities they were jailed also.
    So the point is that anything appears to be magic or a miracle till we do not know the trick behind it. Do you also believe so? Please share your views.
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    Till you understand the matter correctly, everything will appear as magic only. But all can't understand the trick behind the magic performed by the magician. As long as we don't know how to perform it, that will be magic only.
    A really religious Guru will never go for such tricks. Kanchi Kamakoti Paramacharya is well known as a walking GOD. He has many powers but never exhibited them. When we hear stories where he cured many ailments with his willpower. Such can't be considered magic. But some Gurus who want to become famous to attain the attention of the public may be doing such tricks and we should not encourage such Gurus anytime.
    Many tricks exhibited by magicians are also very tricky and performing them on the stage is also very difficult. One should never do such tricks without proper understanding and practice on stages as it may lead to complications.

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    The author is correct that there are many ways to infatuate the audience with some mysterious tricks. These are often based on some scientific explanations but the common public cannot apply any logic how this is happening. If you go deeply to understand this mystery, you can make make it out. But how to take the audience into confidence for their simple tricks? Even if you explain the entire mechanism of their doings, they would not be convinced since they would reject your plea because of their great attachments with the so called gurujii. However, the charisma of gurujii ultimately ends on one fine day when they are shocked to know that their respected gurujii is behind the bar.

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