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    Why are people showing unruly behaviour and disturbing the crew

    Civility is the adorable quality of a person. People like to be with civilised and polite people and not with rude and quarrelsome fellows. A person's character is his identity and people would like to stay around and listen to a kind, considerate and humble person rather than being downgraded with a filthy chap.

    A spice Jet flight witnessed unruly behaviour by passengers with the flight's female crew yesterday who were later deboarded for impolite behaviour. The incident is unfortunate and should not happen again. This is not the first incident, a few other incidents have already been reported from different airlines.

    Why are people becoming so rude and creating trouble for the entire staff and passengers. Have people lost civility and are not ready even to show some courtesy to the crew who are serving them on the flight? Fighting with crew on a flight is a shameful act and it must be avoided. People should develop patience and behave politely with the crew members. Stop fighting on flight as it could turn into a disaster!
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    Though the people are well educated having prestigious degrees from the distinguished colleges/ universities but the unfortunate part observed sometimes does not support such contrast behaviors from them. What the author has narrated in his post is really a disturbing fact. The boarders are supposed to be sensitive to their fellow passengers especially with the ladies passengers. However, there is no guarantee of any untoward happening during the travel period because of presence of people of varied characters. There is no denyl of the uncivilized behavior of the male passenger but the affected passenger should not unruly perturbed since consistent negative thoughts flashing in her mind would ruin her peace. She for own peace should move ahead with her normal behavior to enjoy the pleasure coming her ways.

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    Unruly behaviour was witnessed earlier in mass gatherings etc. we used to see this unruly behaviour in public places like markets, bus stands and other similar places. There we can see different types of people. There we will have both educated and uneducated.
    But in a flight, it is expected that all the passengers will behave in a decent way. But these days in those places also we are seeing a different behaviour. It is another proof to say that education will not give you wisdom. At the same, it is again proved that education will never give you the culture. It is the individual and his/her elders who are responsible for culture and behaviours.
    This type of behaviour is not expected and is unwarranted. I think the service providers should take such things seriously and inform immediately the security personnel and serious action should be taken against such passengers so that such incidents will never get repeated.

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    Some people are like that and they will create problems everywhere. They will do it on the bus or train or flight or workplace or some gathering. It is difficult to find out what is the exact cause of doing that but such people are often caught doing such behavior in places. One of the reasons that psychologists mention and attribute to such behavior is frustration and lack of achievement in one's life. It is said that these people are highly ambitious but they had not achieved commensurate positions in their lives and are suffering from that Inferiority complex. They will like to show that they are the boss and that people should always obey them and serve them the facilities and while doing that they forget that they were in public places.
    They are not able to control themselves and whenever such a situation is there they start shouting and quarreling.

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    Simply put, they are impatient and unwilling to follow the rules. It would be difficult to pinpoint the reason for this unruly behaviour but we are witnessing an increase in intolerant behaviour everywhere. Many people fail to control themselves, whether inside a flight or in a public place. Such intolerance develops from childhood and if corrective actions are not taken in the beginning it continues and becomes a cause of inconvenience to others. Punitive measures for such indecent behaviour are a must and at the same time, children should be taught what form of behaviour is acceptable and what is not unacceptable from the beginning. Many people do not care for such indecent behaviour in their children as they themselves indulge in such types of behaviour and when such children grow up they follow the same path. Parents and teachers have a role that cannot be denied but at the same time, we all need to turn inwards to rectify our actions all the time.

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