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    Looking for the purpose behind it

    Let's not be so specific this time as I am not going to talk about any action and the purpose behind it. It's mostly associated with our daily lives and day-to-day activities. We carry out a lot of activities from the time we wake up till we go to bed at night. Some activities are essential like brushing our teeth, going to the toilet, having food, etc and there are others which are related to our professional assignments. Some of them are repetitive, like the essential ones, and there are many repetitive tasks in our professional engagement too. Keeping aside such repetitive tasks we do some activities which are neither essential nor related to our profession but borne out of our habits. I am providing a couple of examples of such activities which vary from person to person and situation.

    Take the example of watching serials on television. I have heard many saying some episodes of a serial are really boring or disgusting but they kept watching till the end. Another example may be tapping on the icon of social networking apps on our smart mobile gadgets. At times it's just to check whether someone has posted any update or not. Now if I ask about the purpose behind such acts many may say it's a type of recreation. Well, I don't know whether watching a series/episode which is boring can give someone the required pleasure they look for in any form of recreation. Checking social networking sites at regular intervals can be disappointing at times if one finds no update from someone/group that she/he expects at that moment. Even not finding the number of likes on a post at a specific time may also be disappointing to many but can't help. They keep on checking often at regular intervals. Is it the expectation that works here rather than a specific purpose?

    I wonder whether everything has a purpose! It seems in such cases, expectations overrule the purpose.
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    The author has put up an interesting post and it evokes mixed feelings in my mind. We are undertaking a large number of activities in our lives but many of them may not have any purpose. Many people may not accept that statement but I am accepting this boldly. The number of unnecessary indulgences that we make in our lives are sometimes quite high in numbers and eat out a lot of our time. That is the reason why the constructive and positive time is decreasing in the lives of many people.
    The irony is that the people who always say that they don't have time for this and that they also indulge in such purposeless activities. Why we do it and why do we not avoid them is a big question that only some expert psychologists can answer.
    My simple view in this regard is that human nature is very peculiar and it cannot remain in one place in one activity and wants a change. To achieve that it jumps from one activity to another and then another. While doing so it is quite possible that some of those activities were of purposeless nature and were not required at all.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is an interesting post raised by the author how we pass our time with our indulgence with useless activities sometimes. Viewing some serials regularly, though it might be boring might be one of our activities. This shows that we are tuned to do such activities because it has been our habits of our regular visits despite the fact that the episode might be boring. So is the case with the indulgence of mobile, atleast viewing Facebook to see any comment of our friends. Their good comments might excite us but the effects could be otherwise in absence of response. We need to change our strategy sometimes to maintain our positivity levels.

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    True. Many of the works we do can be avoided and may not be serving any purpose except giving some relaxation and time pass. Some works we undertake with an interest in it. Why do we spend time on smartphones? Now for anybody, their phone is an encyclopedia. Whatever information we want we can get from that phone. We can read newspapers. We can chat with our family and friends. We can search for any information using google search. If we do all this with a purpose, it is good. But we may just be spending time looking for posts from various time pass posts from different people. Then behind that activity, there is no purpose.
    I feel spending some time on recreation is good. But spending time on activities which are not interesting is of no use. When you have no interest in seeing a TV serial, why see that? Do something other than that which is very interesting to you. As far as I am concerned I never watch serials on TV. But sometimes watch movies that are interesting.

    always confident

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