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    Volunteering can help in killing one's ego and false prestige

    There are many people in this world who are living under the shade of false prestige and ego. They will behave in snob ways everywhere and expect respect and attention from other people. If they don't get that then they become frustrated or hurt. These people are suffering because of their false egos.

    One simple way to get rid of this trait in an individual is to come down on the knees and do some voluntary work. For example, one can join a group which is engaged in cleaning the nearby parks or a group of people engaged in plantation drives or a group of people feeding the poor and hungry or joining the food and shelter teams at the time of disasters. There is no dearth of volunteering work. The only thing is one should have the desire to help others.

    The interesting point is that while doing so one gets a great benefit that is one gets rid of false prestige and ego. Have you got any experience in this regard? Please share your views.
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    Volunteering work can kill the ego. But the egoistic person never opts for volunteering. He expects people to come and invite him for the inauguration of such works. Unless otherwise, the individual wants to avoid his ego, nobody can change him. This is what I experienced.
    If somebody wants to get rid of their ego, there are many ways for the same and some of them are mentioned by the author. An egoistic person will never mix up with people. He wants to maintain uniqueness and wants to be identified. So he wants to come out of it, the first thing he should do is to start mixing with people. Once you change your behaviours and your dynamic matches with the group dynamics, you will forget your ego and start doing anything on your own, without waiting for somebody's appreciation,

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    I do agree with the author and at the same time as Dr Rao mentioned in his response, it may not be an easy task for an egoist to work voluntarily for a cause. Even if they are involved in such works many times they will try to prove their supremacy. I think this egoist nature develops when one thinks this world is their own place and others do not have the right to live lives in their ways. If one doesn't have such self-centred feelings then definitely they will work for a common cause for the betterment of society and can work voluntarily. Somehow someone/a group has to take the initiative to convince such egoist people that everyone has the same respect and varied choices and their notion on anything is not final. With regular efforts of others in a persuasive manner egoists can be engaged in volunteering which will ultimately help them to reduce their egos.

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    Any volunteer work can help our society in one way or the other. It helps people live a better life which is why it is always helpful to get involved in volunteer work carried out by any person or an NGO. In volunteer work, one may not get perks and privileges but receives a lot of appreciation from people for the work.

    However, if we talk about the egoistic person getting involved in volunteer work, it is difficult to motivate any such individual. One needs to be selfless and down-to-earth to work as a volunteer in any organisation and an egoistic individual usually runs away from such work. But anyone who gets involved in the chore will surely envisage a sense of gratitude, humbleness and praise in him or her.

    I think one should always encourage people to volunteer work as it may be helpful in life. One can understand teamwork, leadership skills and decision-making besides killing one's ego while working as a volunteer!

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    A volunteer has to perform his duty for the betterment of society- be it for providing in the slum area or other wise but his egoistic attitude comes in the way obstructing him to go ahead with such a mission.
    With offering such persons great respect reminding him of his involvement in the past in such noble cause could motivate him to some extent. Even behind his acceptance for such jobs, he would like to have his unique position in the group where the coworkers should regard him as a leader in promoting such a mission.
    In nut shell, the egoists are different type of creatures to be handled so easily. They would not leave their boundary lines.

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    Helping others, mix and move with common people, and having a down to the Earth approach all are going to help the individual for shedding false prestige.
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