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    The media field is the biggest growing field now

    Any human being would have money. He or she may not have enough money to even survive. But they would positively have a good color TV at home. They would be having a DTH connection.

    The world of television serials and the sponsorships for various events now knows no recession. Perhaps, one watches the serials to just forget the frustration that they have in their lives. Or, they would really wonder what would happen if they have the happiness of the kind shown in some serials. The fabulously famous Pandian Stores, which shows the merit of a great joint family and true love and affection between four brothers, is one such.

    Be that as it may, those with some talent, like a good voice and a decent personality, and the ability to become good extroverts, can make it big in the electronic media industry. They just need to be aware of the skilling opportunities, take up the relevant courses and then join any television channel. Once this happens, there will be a good upward movement in their careers, based on experience. Those with acting talent, can either become compere artists or even actors in television serials.

    One understands that the media is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.
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    The author's observation is very true that the media is growing in leaps and bounds. There are so many TV channels and programs on OTT platforms that a large number of programs are available for the viewer and one can select the program as per one's choice and liking. This is a great facility that the viewers have with them by paying the channel service charges which TV channel companies are charging.
    Most people are viewing TV channels for passing their time and to enjoy and entertain themselves. It is not linked to their frustration in their lives or not making a career. Generally, people view a program as entertainment and that is the main thing.
    The media industry is having a lot of scope for newcomers who want to make a place in it. The only thing is people have to complete some courses related to journalism or mass media so that they can effectively use that knowledge in the channel work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Definitely, media is a field that has a lot of potential and develop very fast. I remember having only one TV channel that is DD in the 1970s. But these days we see many channels.
    In earlier days, people used to go to a movie in a theatre to watch and that is the only cheapest entertainment a person can have. But now with the advent of electronic media, people are watching movies and other programmes here for their time pass. As mentioned by Umesh, the main reason for watching TV programmes is for entertainment.
    Job opportunities are increasing because of these various channels. Also, the demand for TV artists is increasing. Many young people getting good opportunities in that area. As mentioned by the author, if the people working here acquire some special skills, they will have a very good future in that line.

    always confident

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