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    Jokes to relax this day

    1)Doctor: I am puzzling what medicine to be prescribed for you.
    Patient: Why doctor, Is it serious to that extent in me?
    Doctor: No, The disease comes to you have been left out by me in my exam on choice

    2) A man on the way to his house from railway station after picking up his grandfather, who came from village, entered into an ATM and draws some money. His grandfather slashed him by saying why he is stealing somebody's money. This man explained him that it was his own money only. Again grandfather slashed him by saying, "We have many cash vaults in our house, then why idiot you are keeping somebody's box?"

    3) A husband asked his wife, who came from outside, "Why dear coming inside by laughing". Wife answered him, "No dear! The airbag in our new car is functioning well".

    4) A Naughty boy went to a grocery shop and asked, "Sir, Do you have sugar?"
    Shop person: yes
    Boy: Then take pills properly and go for walking regularly
    (by saying this he just went out)

    5) A person helped another who fell from his scooter with some injury. He told him, 'Sir, You are somewhat lucky; you have fallen in front of a dispensary'.
    The injured man: Oh God! I am the doctor of this dispensary.
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    The second one is interesting and is a native realistic naïve joke.

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    As usual, the author has some interesting jokes and we used to enjoy his postings related to jokes very often.
    I liked his second and fifth jokes the most. The author should come up with more exciting jokes in future to lighten our moods.

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    My grandfather used to tell me a joke. One person wanted to send Rs.50/- money order to his grandson. So he came to the post office with 10 paisa coins worth Rs.50/- and handed over to the Post master. The PM asked him why so much change. Then that person replied my grandson is struggling there as he is not getting change if notes were sent to him. The PM could not stop his laughter. The second joke mentioned by the author reminded me this joke.
    As usual the author came out with very good jokes that are worth. I could not control my laughter for a long time after reading these jokes.

    always confident

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    Jokes are a good dosage of light material to our tired brains and create a happy environment full of laughter. The author is regularly posting jokes and I have gone through this collection also and found that the last two jokes were quite good.
    Knowledge is power.

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