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    The chemist and the teacher

    Do you think they share a good relationship? Maybe, I do not know. Actually, there's no similarity in their professions but a teacher can always visit a chemist when there is a requirement for medicines and they can easily become friends. Here I am going to tell you something different this time that you may think of as a real incident described by one to me some time ago.

    Many teachers remain quite busy after the examinations are over as they check the answer scripts of their students in the school. Many of you have heard of funny answers written by the students which at times force the examiners to laugh out loud along with their family members. I do not know whether such answers help the students to get more marks but can be a cause of relaxation to some extent especially if the paper is a bit tough. In such cases, among all the answers written very seriously if one or two can tickle the funny bone of the examiner then definitely it's a cause of relaxation. But unfortunately in this specific case, the teacher was unable to read most parts of the answer script of a student who is not very studious but cannot be considered a bad one also. Considering the popularity of the student, the examiner thought of taking the help of the nearby chemist to decipher the answer script. No, the chemist couldn't make out what is written there as that was not a prescription and the poor fellow could only secure the pass marks in that paper.
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    It is really an interesting post from the author's side where he has connected the relationships between a chemist and a teacher. We cannot solve such a puzzle in our lives but that aspect has been nicely dealt here. To substantiate the significance of the chemist in matters of reading the scripts, we can say that the chemist is able to make out the entire text which otherwise would be difficult to be read. The answer of the examinee was so illegible that the examiner could not guess what is the meaning of the contents and finally approached to the chemist. The chemist could not read even since the words written in the script were not matching with the prescription of a doctor. But at the same time, it proves how the examiner was eager to provide a few marks to the examinee which was not legible to him.

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    The author has narrated a very strange incident about a teacher taking the help of a chemist to decipher the bad handwriting of a student. The chemist or the pharmacist is supposed to make out even the worst handwriting of the doctors about medicines and other details but when it comes to general writing like the answers in an answer sheet or a piece of general writing then the chemist would be of little help. The reason behind that is that the doctors write the names of some specific medicines and how to take them like once a day or two times a day or three times a day or something else. Then comes what time it is to be taken which doctors mention symbolically like say o - o - o, which means morning, noon, and evening.
    Chemists are experienced in deciphering the doctor's writing limited to that only and cannot decipher literature or writings of another kind. Anyway, the post is quite amusing and shows a new relationship between a teacher and a chemist.

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    One day I took a prescription written by a doctor to a medical shop. The chemist there could not understand the writing of that doctor. Then the chemist suggested me to go to the medical shop that is just next to my doctor's clinic. There the chemist identified the medicine prescribed by the doctor and gave me the same. Why I mentioned this here is, the writing of the doctor may not be readable to all the chemists also. That is why it is suggested to take medicines from the medical shop attached to the clinic only.
    Now coming to valuation of examination answer sheets, the present way of valuation is different. The doctor need not read the whole answer. He look for some 4 or 5 key words and if he finds those words he will underline them and award marks based on the number of keywords he noticed.
    A teacher only will make a person a doctor after evaluating the answer sheets written by him in the examinations. So teacher should be able to read all the hand writings.

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    Well, a nice interesting tale about a teacher taking an answer script to a chemist to get it deciphered. Of course, it would be too much to expect a chemist to help the teacher in this matter after all his talent might be limited to just deciphering medical or pharmaceutical terms only.
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