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    Why some millennials and Generation Z do not use durable goods although they are in good condition?

    Many young men and women of this modern era earn a huge pay packet and lead a luxurious lifestyle not bothering about the huge amount of money they waste. They want to be noticed for owning high-end gadgets and expensive cars.This group just discard or give away their expensive smart phones or exchange them even when they are durable and could be used for a very long duration. Further, when they buy electronic goods and other items online, the goods are mostly sealed with thermacol and packed in plastic covers which are harmful for the environment.

    Furthermore, at the pretext of following the latest trend, they change the interiors of their houses by painting their walls according to the latest fashion. Even expensive furniture are either gifted away or exchanged.

    On the other hand, the older generation are even proud to store their furniture made of teak wood or rose wood for decades. They find it very difficult even to discard off even certain utensils which were passed on to them by their older generation. For instance, we can still find some old unused items packed carefully in the attic of their traditional homes. By safeguarding the old items what do they achieve ask the youngsters and want to dispose them off?

    It is a well-known fact that using durable commodities as long as possible will result in saving a significant amount of money. The older generation had wisely used the method and were able to save a reasonable amount of money which is passed on to their children.

    Let me come back to the modern youth of today who discard the valuable items which they had bought just because they are out of fashion. They would surely realise how much they would have wasted for the past few years. Thankfully, there are still some youngsters who are aware of using the durable articles till they are worn out and do not follow the footsteps of their counterpartsm

    The current trend of constant introduction of plethora of new consumer goods makes me think that there is going to be increase in sales in the following years. Does it mean that certain group of affluent people do not know the real value of money still continue the same habit just because they earn a high amount of salary?.Are the older generation worried about this trend?
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    We are living in an age of consumerism. It is also known as use and throw regime. Companies are introducing newer and newer products and people especially young people are getting attracted to them. The irony is that many people already have durable items in their houses which could be used for a long time but once they are attracted and fascinated by the latest gadgets or items they just buy them. Everyone is not doing that but those who can afford and who have sufficient money in hand for spending are doing it on a regular basis and then just discarding or disposing of the old items in their houses. In that exchange process, they are sometimes getting 'use and throw' items in place of their durable items. So this is not a very healthy trend but industries are getting benefited by it because if people don't buy new things industrial growth will go down.
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    A good posting from the author. It is true that the present youth never believe in savings. They spend as they like without thinking about tomorrow. Their nature is only making the money to circulate more and more. These days we see many couples going for work and earning. When they have money it is good to spend so that money will be in circulation. But completely spending is not a correct trait. There should be minimum 20 to 30% savings.

    Another issue is use and throw culture. Slowly people are forgetting about repairs and reusing. This is mainly happening and in electronic goods. This use and throw culture is helping a lot to generate more e-waste which is not advisable and it will cause many pollution problems.

    We should use the items to the maximum possible extent and we should not generate more waste. Now we are hearing about job cuts in the IT industry also. That will become a set back. So young people should think seriously and see that they will manage their kitchen without any problem even they were asked to go.

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